Category: Song of the Refugees


An AMV short story loosely based on Adventure Time, about a group of strange-new-life-form “refugees” trying to make sense of their world in the wake of a mass extinction.

I didn’t finish the song lyrics yet which is kind of a roadblock. :p

Stablehand: Infiltrator, Obtruder concepts, and… Xzhyrxiel alive, another expansion?

Hoo boy, another mess. Let’s start with the Infiltrator.

Yesterday River Monsters reminded me that skates existed, so I looked them up and I was just like whoa look at these things they’re so crazy. They almost look like an MB already, haha.

So, I thought, why not turn them into one? And I started designing this skate/ray MB that can flatten and extend its body seemingly endlessly in order to eavesdrop on everyone and everything (yeah, somehow its skin can just kinda hear I guess.

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