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My policy on all my short story idea notes:

You can freely “steal” this idea from me flat-out no caveats if you release it under the CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, or CC0, done deal. This is my new policy for all my rough idea drafts, retroactively too.

If you don’t like that policy and wanna release it some other way? You’d better join me on the quest to expand creative freedom. ;)
In which case you’re quickly gonna find out the weakness of proprietary licences anyway…

The mythopoeia of Saralya

One thing to keep in mind was that this was from a slightly earlier version of Tyrian than the “definitive” version in 2014 when I started retouching a big handful of things, so it might seem a little different from the notes/pictures in my blog tag—the Chayavana are still referred to as “deva” for one. However, you can bet any specifically-named Chayavana/”deva” you see here would definitely have been a part of Tyrian.

Final note: remember while reading this that I was about 16 at the time, and this might as well have been my theme song. This was by the time I’d actually started to get pretty damn good at making foreign names that were linguistically intelligent and not just “I’ll pick this really common word because it sounds exotic in my language”, but man are the Indian/Japanese influences apparent here.

With that, here it is.

The Mythopoeia of Saralya


I’ve been working on Asekai sprites some more, and feel like this is a good time to post them, so here they are.


Yard Bird is an “alternate” evolution for Feuvog, a phoenix-like creature connected to seasons, ambience, and life. (“Alternate” is a nice way of putting it… these “alternate” evolution routes actually happen when you do a bunch of stuff wrong.)

Why “Yard Bird”? All of Feuvog’s “standard” stages are named “(something)vog”, so I wanted its alternate ones to be all named “(Something) Bird”. The first thing I thought of was “Yard Bird”,

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Socialist narratives and the Freighter archetype

So, three days ago, I was just trying to look up the usage of the phrase “means of production” for a silly joke.

In Asekai, my current monstergame concept, I had a creature named Mass (as in “the Masses”) which could evolve into either a “Wisdom Jack“, a “Grace Loxodont“, or two neutral forms, one being the “Polar Owl“. The joke is, many creatures in monstergames are “mythical creatures”, so Mass’s evos were “mythical creatures” as conceived by American political parties’ stereotypes about the opposite party: a liberal with big-picture wisdom,

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Hokado "mosaic"


Hokado concept sketch
Hokado lcd

Hokado mosaic

Yesterday as my drive was re-igniting but I was rather dissociated (so working on more “anthropomorphic” stories like 7h wasn’t an option), I started thinking about “kai” again.

I kind of thought about that idea I’d posted the other day with a semi-Undertale-esque story, then about the somewhat minimal graphics/interface I imagined programming that with, and how I’d always imagined my Ideal Takumi Monstergame as being something much more polished than that.

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I practically never “just doodle things” and it was relaxing to try that for once.

Working on a new design for Wyvera, an old unspecified “mon” species of mine that’s now considered a kai. Along with a new drawing philosophy to “rewrite, not edit”, and my ongoing quest to figure out how to use inkscape almost the same way as a raster art program.

I actually just got a great and weird idea

What if I made like the undertale of monstergames

Ok so a little background: I’d had this little tentative project thing simply called “Kai” sitting on the side for a while. The idea behind Kai was that there were these monsterpets that had been abandoned by a futuristic magical civilisation and had just kinda formed their own little world and civilisation out in limbo. And then a human looking for a room accidentally finds one of their ads somehow and ends up there and has to be their roommate

After Undertale came out and I played it,

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Game Grumps silent hill post

  • “weapons and others” – what if you just had this inventory chest that you put both items and party members in for some reason. Actually what if you went around collecting NPCs in your chest/bag because you were a weird kleptomaniac convinced they could be useful for something (and of course you turn out to be right later)
  • Actually what if Default Dan but adventure game. You go around collecting NPCs and you talk to items and you use monsters as weapons to fight demonic floating swords and stuff
  • what if everyone was terrified of save points and you had to convince them save points weren’t scary even though they’re a strange occult thing only you can understand or use

Tell me to fuck off! Tell me to fuck off!” – actually this goes pretty well with thing I wrote down once of somebody having “asshole powers” where the powers don’t work unless you’re an asshole. It would be so bad if these powers could only be used to help people and it’s like sdfjkshdjf I hate everything

What if you took the zodiac really literally and made a thing about sexualities where male and female weren’t a thing but instead every sign on the Chinese (or Western) zodiac was a gender and in order to be “straight” rats could only be paired with oxen, rabbits, and dragons, roosters could only be paired with oxen and snakes, and so forth

I’d love to see an RPG-ish thing where as typical you go up to people and press a button to talk to them, but instead of just the NPCs filling in whatever they want to, the protagonist actually says something first but it’s the most fucking random and unexpected thing they could possibly say, and the NPC is just like ‘oh, yeah, I guess I’ve heard of mitral regurgitation, why?‘

We see that all the weird conversation topics NPCs talk about are really the protagonist’s idea because the protagonist is really quirky and weird, but this is never really formally acknowledged by anyone