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Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Link: Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Yes, as we all know, all young men are born full of harmonies.

(This whole thing is so absurd I had to wipe tears out of my eyes multiple times just from laughing at it.)

Edit: I actually made this a lyric in the Hinotorian national anthem. :p

All men are born full of harmonies
All women born full of melodies

Neutrality (Ssivyin’s theme)

I don’t like to think politically
Ceaseless quarrels are annoying to me
If only I could step off this reality
And stride out into the blankness of infinity

I’m a freely-floating entity
No container can encompass me
No matter how I might look for group unity
I’ll still be slopping bog-mass mired in an oddity

I’m not full of red-orange sunset rays
Sometimes my grasp on my appearance frays
I’m not a dreamer on the mystic frequency
Nor they to lead your squad to victory

People may think I’m a waste of space
But I can only move at my own pace
I’m not a kettle to pour cups of tea
So why should I try to ought not be me?

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You probably don’t know what you’re looking at in this screenshot so let me tell you

This is a picture of my triumphs today

I finally fixed my computer’s audio/midi problems, figured out how to use the confusing (if beautiful) mess that is JACK and Catia/Claudia, and hooked up vmpk, the virtual keyboard, to my synth and an actual midi sequencer called Qtractor (like Audacity and a midi synth combined)

For the longest time I could not figure out how to record anything in Qtractor because it wasn’t registering anything from vmpk no matter what I did with the graph in Catia but after a ton of messing around I accidentally pressed the play and record buttons at the same time and recorded the ridiculous slides up and down the piano you see here

I am ridiculously happy right now

Part of the Zacharie song I was writing vaguely reminded me of a waltz in its melody so I decided to try to write a theme for Dark Teapot in 3/4 because why not.

I knew next to nothing about DTP except a bit of his appearance but I just kind of started with a beat and an emphasis on beat 2 in particular and then a song sprang up and I started putting random-sounding lyrics to it and I kind of like it though it’s incredibly silly.

Oh give me the night and I’ll ride on its floes
To bask in the haystack that nobody knows
I will swing
through the vast nothing
Like the ding of a rose (I suppose)

This is one of the most beautiful mistakes I have ever made

I accidentally deleted two measures of rests in the second strings ensemble part and

I simultaneously laughed and teared up a bit because this mistake was almost better than I could do on a purposeful arrangement and it was a freaking mistake

(The first iteration here is the way it’s “supposed” to sound, second is how it sounds with the mistake; I put the dynamic up one on the part with the mistake to make the new harmonies more audible)

I’m considering pasting it into the second verse while leaving the first as is, then fixing the parts that clash because there are a few of those but without those it would sound pretty good.

Edit: Nah the mistake doesn’t really fit in the second verse easily, which is a shame.

Here’s that WIP of Ssiv’s theme I kept talking about, finally.

I’m a little embarrassed it’s still not all that polished when I’ve had the full song written out in one voice for like, weeks, but as I was trying to add a convenient export command to libretto today (something you’d think I would have added a long time ago, I know :p) I got sidetracked again wrestling with beanshell trying to clean up the program source for a lot of the day (ultimately failing unfortunately).

This was supposed to be continuing the celebration of how actually decent it sounded already but now I just feel pathetic

The Legend of Kolonok

There’s a story of a man who had ambition like a whale
He might not’ve saved no maidens or put on no ornate mail
But the truth of it is that bloke was bravest of the brave
There’s not and never ever will be none to trudge the road he paved

Now this man known as Kolonok had whiskers like a fox
And although they were a-grayin’ he had mostly brownish locks
His colleagues all respected him until the day he said

“I’m gonna prove there’s no true magic or I’m gonna end up dead.”

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Incongruity and Duplicity Sing the Blues

(Girders baulk at the sun)
(Them frogs ain’t singin’ yer mead)
On my own
(Dustbrooms fight for blue skies)
(Axes grindin’ the lead)

I’ve no name to my name
(When I catch ’em cornhusks twinklin’ in the night)
And no face to my frame
(When I set ’em peaks of deep-fried melodies right)

If I could just get a gasp within my grasp
(For a day when grates can fly like crows!)
To tag this seamless vault without a clasp
(When fir trees’s sproutin’

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El Halcón del Aéter (Arkturuse’s song)

Praise be to Haru of the heavens
The beaked defender of this sphere
For to Him I owe all I have wrought below
The height of which none will ever near!

I’m Arkturuse Miraharu
A bird much like a darkened swan
Between my worldly wits and this unfailing team
We could carve towers to the dawn

Some may call me prideful and bombastic
But is that not all just a part of being grand?
A person of my quality should escalate
Until the skies rain tears of sand

Hail Haru of the desert skies
(An example for all)
Hail Him above the jess
(Yet I fear I may fall)
Hail Haru of all-seeing eyes
(Though I crow and I cheep)
Which I do not possess
(Deep within I just weep)

My doormat spells the name of Haru
A falcon rests upon my head
My faith spans greater than this boundless void
And that’s quite a thing to be said!

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