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A wip of Gears of Science (Kate’s theme)!

I made most of this yesterday. For the longest time I just had the first eight bars sitting around plus the clock noises and didn’t have the energy to do any more, but then… suddenly I went back to my voice recordings and cranked out the rest.

This is maybe a teeny bit more than half the song. I’m not sure how long it will be but I’m guessing 3 minutes.

This is what Ferdisza, Vahyuata, Morsza (still unfinished -_-) sounds like with my new soundfont and the drum line edited veeeeerrrrrrry slightly so it better matches the actual beat of the music.

I’m not sure how long it will be because I actually haven’t finished the lyrics, but this is probably at least half of it.

Ok, well, today I was revamping Wit’s Theme, and as I was doing that, I was also thinking about how to rework the character.

I thought, maybe it would be interesting to play up this idea of Wit as being ‘the stylish trainer’ or something like that (acts cool, maybe has a distinctive clothing style, unique way of doing things, etc.). I was trying to do that a teeny bit with Tsuneo recently, and I kind of liked how it was turning out, so I thought, yeah, that could work.

In Japanese one way they like to say that is “smart” though. Hmm, Wit, the smart trainer.

Then suddenly it hit me.



Help I’m dying

The other day, I was working on “Ferdisza, Vahyuata, Morsza” (Yanha’s song) and discovered the BEST strings ensemble font I had ever heard, as well as the best violin I’d ever heard (that one took a lot of looking as the scarcity of violin fonts actually surprised me… I don’t think I want to go looking again for a few months). I wondered if “On the Lift to Ruin” would sound better with it, and boy was I ever right. If you want, you can compare it with the old version here.

This led to me spending probably two days subtly changing and revamping it to accommodate this font and also to better suit what the main characters’ actual themes actually sound like (I wrote this song way before I had any idea what any of them would sound like, and I’m surprised I ended up changing the instruments so little in the actual individual themes really).

(I may tweak this a teeny bit more yet, as I’m a little ambivalent about the drum track I added and the fact all the middle stanzas sound muffled. This post is a “perpetual download link” on the Internet Archive though, so it will have the latest version. I’ll upload this version again as a regular audio post if I make more edits.)

Oh yeah, here are the silly lyrics to this suddenly much more serious-sounding song.

A preview of Yanha’s song, “Ferdisza, Vahyuata, Morsza”.

It’s pretty incomplete (the song itself will be longer than this, only about half of the cello chord part is written, cutting off a little after 1:00, and it’s possible I might add another instrument or two and give the tremolo strings a bit more to play) but I think it sounds good so far.

This is quite literally my music program! And also quite literally the trumpet part for Arkturuse’s theme, though all you’re seeing right here is the first stanza. (It’s written in ABC notation.)

jEdit, plus a huge macro I call libretto.bsh (I’m thinking of making it into a plugin later once I figure out how) and some short shell scripts. The part I bracketed in green are the buttons I added to jEdit that do libretto stuff. From left to right: play abcpart, play full midi, make score,

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Finally! I finally arranged Jinfèng’s theme.

At first I was just going to do it as a straight strings song, but then I got the random idea to put techno sounds in it and it became about twice as good.

I did an unusual amount of chord arrangement in this song to the point I probably actually learned a little bit about playing the piano instead of just using it to find notes.

Here we go! Incongruity and Duplicity Sing the Blues.

In Stablehand there are two wandering characters who go by the names Sleipnir and Hughes. Hughes is (or at least appears to be) a talking crow with a Southern accent who wears a straw hat and a vest. He tends to be quirkily optimistic and often says random, bizarre things. A fairly typical example of the Incongruity attribute.

Sleipnir, who Hughes often just refers to as “Sly”, is a bit more complicated,

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Here’s a mildly depressing song with a rather funny story behind it.

When I was writing “On the Lift to Ruin”, I simply couldn’t get enough of Jinfèng’s lines, and so I started to write Jinfèng a song of her own. Weeks later when I was in the middle of writing said song I took a moment to laugh at myself and casually think “What am I doing? This is ridiculous. Am I going to write a theme song for Stolen Heart next?”.

And then I started to muse on what such a song would sound like, and I had a song pretty much completed within three days. I swear, the silly things ALWAYS get done first and faster. And sometimes even better. XD

You can find the lyrics here.