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Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Link: Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Yes, as we all know, all young men are born full of harmonies.

(This whole thing is so absurd I had to wipe tears out of my eyes multiple times just from laughing at it.)

Edit: I actually made this a lyric in the Hinotorian national anthem. :p

All men are born full of harmonies
All women born full of melodies

You probably don’t know what you’re looking at in this screenshot so let me tell you

This is a picture of my triumphs today

I finally fixed my computer’s audio/midi problems, figured out how to use the confusing (if beautiful) mess that is JACK and Catia/Claudia, and hooked up vmpk, the virtual keyboard, to my synth and an actual midi sequencer called Qtractor (like Audacity and a midi synth combined)

For the longest time I could not figure out how to record anything in Qtractor because it wasn’t registering anything from vmpk no matter what I did with the graph in Catia but after a ton of messing around I accidentally pressed the play and record buttons at the same time and recorded the ridiculous slides up and down the piano you see here

I am ridiculously happy right now

Part of the Zacharie song I was writing vaguely reminded me of a waltz in its melody so I decided to try to write a theme for Dark Teapot in 3/4 because why not.

I knew next to nothing about DTP except a bit of his appearance but I just kind of started with a beat and an emphasis on beat 2 in particular and then a song sprang up and I started putting random-sounding lyrics to it and I kind of like it though it’s incredibly silly.

Oh give me the night and I’ll ride on its floes
To bask in the haystack that nobody knows
I will swing
through the vast nothing
Like the ding of a rose (I suppose)

This is one of the most beautiful mistakes I have ever made

I accidentally deleted two measures of rests in the second strings ensemble part and

I simultaneously laughed and teared up a bit because this mistake was almost better than I could do on a purposeful arrangement and it was a freaking mistake

(The first iteration here is the way it’s “supposed” to sound, second is how it sounds with the mistake; I put the dynamic up one on the part with the mistake to make the new harmonies more audible)

I’m considering pasting it into the second verse while leaving the first as is, then fixing the parts that clash because there are a few of those but without those it would sound pretty good.

Edit: Nah the mistake doesn’t really fit in the second verse easily, which is a shame.

Here’s that WIP of Ssiv’s theme I kept talking about, finally.

I’m a little embarrassed it’s still not all that polished when I’ve had the full song written out in one voice for like, weeks, but as I was trying to add a convenient export command to libretto today (something you’d think I would have added a long time ago, I know :p) I got sidetracked again wrestling with beanshell trying to clean up the program source for a lot of the day (ultimately failing unfortunately).

This was supposed to be continuing the celebration of how actually decent it sounded already but now I just feel pathetic

Stablehand: improved song posts

I’ve decided that with songs I’m going to start just posting the lyrics on Sangkara instead of my dA, with the song on embedded inside. It might mean I basically stop using the dA for pretty much everything other than silly dream drawings, but unfortunately, sometimes you’ve just gotta leave redundant things behind and move on to more convenient systems. And I feel doing things this way will overall be way more convenient and organised even than my tumblr, which is a slight mess with music WIPs and such all over the place.

So! Neutrality, Ssivyin’s song, will be the first, to arrive shortly.

Ahahaha the intro to this is like perfect with bagpipes already

(Well, maybe perfect is not quite the right word; it is mildly grating. I’ll probably go back to the violin and use bagpipes as a secondary thing, if they even have the ability to not drown out everything.)

Anyway, preview of the first two stanzas to Ssivyin’s song, which I’m tentatively calling “Neutrality”. It gets much more varied but the bagpipes didn’t sound as good as a main instrument (read: kinda bad) on the other parts of it.


I never thought “default phone ringtones” and “things I like so much I actually want to remix them into my own songs” would be categories that would ever overlap.

But somehow this one ringtone from my tablet just sounded like about the PERFECT instruments and rhythms to put behind “Silica Heroine KRISTINA”. I’d made the mistake of trying to make Kris’s theme this grand and classical-ish French horn thing because I thought that sounded superheroey somehow, but honestly, this fits with her attribute and character way better. I can see now her theme is supposed to be full of tremendous energy.

I’m gonna have to redo the rhythms with my own soundfonts for the actual song given that as you can see the exact clips from the ringtone didn’t really harmonise well past the earliest part of what I already had so I just had to repeat it over and over (:p). But geez.

You know, the more I work on this song the more I think Aiyalam might actually be what Hardened-Frustration is. He doesn’t like the “noise” others make so he wants to drown them out with more noise and reduce them to static and ash. He’s kinda stopped fighting his problem and just risen above it to become it.

Though…. that’s kinda also what Scrambled-Frustration would be, and maybe it’s even more that?

Hmm. I just don’t know what H-Frustration would be now.