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What if there was mad science in fields you don’t usually think about it in, like, other than plain old biology or genetics


  • Acoustics: We’re gonna play loud music into the ocean whether you like it or not.
  • Anthropology: Ok so, starting out with the assumption that aliens built these old native structures (a stretch, I know), we were looking around and we found aliens. Then we just kinda started hanging out with them and studying them and we learned the weirdest tricks
  • Astronomy: We were just messing around trying to discover a faster way to identify what a planet is made of and we figured out how to read people’s metaphysical auras,

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(The Treachery of) the Treachery of Images

I remember writing this article, which happened apparently when I was just 13, wow.

That was the only edit I ever did on Uncyclopedia, and somehow it remained basically not messed with for eight years, except to add a few links and template tags.

The man Google thinks I am

Today I just discovered that Google has an ad configuration page. You know all those Google ads with blue triangles on them? Well, those ads employ something called “interest-directed advertising“. Every time you visit a web page that uses Google Analytics or sometimes just has a Google ad with a blue triangle on it (if I understand my cookies right; I may be getting things mixed up) Google’s javascripts somehow make a note of what page you saw the ad on, or at least cross-reference some keyword databases to determine what the page is about and what categories of ads best match all the ad categories you’ve accumulated so far.

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