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True ending

Hmm what if Stablehand has a “true ending”
And Era is the key to it.

Otherwise, there’s no ending where ALL the main characters meet up, but Era ends up uniting them

Through all the side endings where characters join Era and take his advice to pursue some completely off-the-wall goal, Era is made to look like an irrelevant character who’s only good for joke endings… but actually, Era is the most important character in Stablehand. Era’s true ending is where all the characters discover truths about the whole… everything… they would not have discovered otherwise.

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New location of Stablehand picture archive

For a long time I’d been wanting a nice and minimal but also relatively quality place to archive Stablehand pictures. deviantART was kinda okay, but its expectation you enter a bunch of metadata for every single one including “artist comments” and also had no way of changing the file to a different format after uploading was a drag. Tumblr was pretty all right, but hard to browse through well, and its photosets were very idiosyncratic (I’ll still be posting updates there though). Also because of javascript weirdness and firebug glitches sometimes editing posts took forever. seemed great at first because its purpose was to be an internet library and archive things for a long time—what better place to archive things,

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Stablehand: libre include roundup

By now I’ve got a number of libre songs that I didn’t create but have included in Stablehand (or considered doing so) under libre licences. There are a handful more less official ones on my tumblr, but here are the main ones right now to round out my music tag.

First of all there’s Portent Rider, aka Sin rumbo fijo, pero avanzado (DavidKBD). Portent Rider’s theme song. I already made a post about that, but here it is again for completeness. (BY-SA 3.0)

Then there’s Kyrielle (Denis RICHARD),

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Copyheart: Caring by no longer caring

Okay so, I’d been thinking about what to do about a minor conundrum I’ve been having. Namely, what to do about stuff on this site I’d created that either mixed hints of non-libre content or that I’m not proud of enough to release formally under the CC-BY-SA. For one thing I wasn’t sure what to do about the text of the site; I didn’t think anything I’d written apart from Stablehand posts was quite awesome enough to just shout “everything here is a quality resource!”, which is what the CC-BY-SA had usually evoked in my mind.

And, well…

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A small notice about! is a pretty neat service overall but there is just a slight problem you should be aware of before you submit any of your music to it.

You won’t be able to edit album covers or song URLs, or delete a song/album if you somehow make a mistake when adding it, or make an accidental duplicate somehow.

This discouraged me for a bit because there was very little dedicated to on the internet really, and when I found and checked the bug tracker and blog and the couple of other things there were it seemed like development and bugfixes had kind of just halted for the moment,

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Tenkai: An Idea…

So, I tried out Epic Pets recently, and I was pleasantly surprised with it. I loved the designs for the lightning cat and the later forms of the earth (?) jackaldog, as well as the textures and interface.

But at the same time, it troubled me that this would mean I’d be getting into yet another nonlibre fandom that would have to remain separate from my original work, and which by putting restricted ideas in my head would limit my creativity.

Then I suddenly got an idea.

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Four good reasons why protecting the public domain is important

Number one:

Subterranean unicorns. The Swiss scientist responsible for the piece this illustration went with suggested not only that mountain springs connected with some kind of underground river system from which they got their minerals, but also (probably not too seriously) that there might be dragons and unicorns living there. Reasonable, right? If you can’t find good evidence of them living anywhere above ground, then clearly they must be hiding underground if anywhere. And of course, doesn’t it nicely explain why dragons are so often found in caves even in spite of their elusiveness above ground?

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An announcement for art, culture, and fans everywhere

Recently I’ve started taking an unusually great interest in the subject of intellectual property, its ups, its downs, and its abuses (on both sides). And after listening to a couple talks by a man named Lawrence Lessig, I’ve finally started to decide on what my stance is.

People want to remix, repackage, and transform. It’s an outlet for their skills, a way to express themselves, and just something to do when they don’t feel like making more “serious” and “original” works. There’s something about it that feels more productive than simply mindlessly consuming things,

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