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The Plane of Mood

Undertale very accidentally gave me a stablehand idea

Me: Isn’t it weird that Sans can bleed when he doesn’t have blood

Me: Where does that blood come from anyway

Me: …From the Plane of Edge, of course!!

Me: That sounds like a legit thing Stars Reims would be familiar with

Me: If it weren’t called something that obvious, maybe more like, “The Plane of Mood”

The Plane of Mood is probably a subsection (aka “sphere”) of the Aether, concerned with Ruin. Its central locale would probably have like all this churning bloodlike fluid with globs oozing around like a giant blood lava lamp

Makes me realise, Ruin’s association with blood is probably cause Ruin stays Envira like Esteem. I think I’m gonna stick with that format like I did on the quiz, that each of the UD atts is exactly the same attunes as its directed counterpart except for Direction (as opposed to opposite attunes from the directed counterpart).

As of today (actually as of about a week or two ago but I neglected to post it) G.E.M. as an actual Twine story is basically dropped. I’m still gonna make pretty, finished images of designs of all the characters, but just not make it as a story. Why? Cause I ran out of ideas. :p
I had one project idea but its scope was excessive enough it disguised that fact, and then when I restarted with a much better scope to where I could actually finish it… oops,

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I had a dream that in a store probably for art supplies where they were selling small mannequins, pretty much like these


There were a range of sizes of them and some manager/supervisor/etc. was having a “discussion” with somebody of the Shane or Obvious Plant variety who had put this little sign on the back of a stapled package for one of the smallest ones reading

$8.50 – 1 wish granted
$9.50 – 2 wishes
$10.50 – 3 wishes
$11.50 – 4 wishes
$15.50 – (probably something slightly absurd, I don’t remember)

(The prices corresponded with the different sizes so he was suggesting the number of wishes you get corresponded with the size.)

The supervisor was actually not that angry and just saying something like “well this would be a really good perk except that it’s like impossible so we should probably take the sign down”

I programmed the Stablehand attribute quiz!!

Took me two days: one to write all the questions, another (today) to program it. There are 12 questions.

It’ll probably take another to fully put it into a format that’s pretty and presentable, and some ongoing testing to see if the questions are accurate.
But all the functionality is there and it’s calculating right and otherwise working as expected.

My current result:


Me: This faerie looks kinda like a Telefang monster

Me: …it would be fucking hilarious if faeries invented cell phones in this world

Me: Considering that they’re basically evil, if people knew where these phones were coming from they’d probably not want to use them

Me: ‘nope nope this supposed ‘mobile telephone’ as you call it is probably possessed’

Mitrokh and the Forsaken Places

Ok so it’d been the case for a while I was thinking the “old” place(s) of Fantasy and Faith (before the “neo” ones, Salvare and Techanopia) were situated somewhere around Vvaghras, and Ariana was born and raised in one of them at some point. I also sorta knew I wanted to have this ethnic group called the Saout, whose name are kind of a play on “Nords” (like North/South), but didn’t quiiiite know where they came from. The FantaFaith place(s) in south Mitrokh seemed like a good candidate, but I still didn’t know where that was.

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News on Project Freebird

Ok so, Remėx got a sex change I guess

Today I was thinking, the thing with Remėx the Avian is I like the overall premise but I’d kinda lost interest in the main character and not known where to go.

It occurred to me that it was kinda like, my brain half wanted to treat Remėx as a fursona but half was like ‘what the fuck this fursona is totally unfitting’, and while another differently-divided half of my brain was like ‘um this doesn’t matter because Remėx isn’t supposed to be a fursona anyway’, that weird little dissonance had made me not sure how to interact with the character

I had this little….

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I forgot that self-insert fics, that aren’t just you roleplaying a persona based on you but literally inserting irl you into a made-up fantastical memoir that’s much less interesting than that phrase would suggest, were a thing

…God now a made up fantastical memoir sounds fucking amazing
like don’t even pretend it’s not a fake memoir just fucking make up the most unreal and even surreal bullshit

The difference from a standard 1st person fantasy story would be writing it in the style you’d write a real memoir in, like write it like you’re looking back on your life and take it as seriously as you’d take a real memoir which is not always super serious. Also maybe like you think fantastical stuff is normal and skip the ‘oh the wondrous ways of arcane ancients’ magic’ reverence bullshit.

Come to think of it Stablehand will be a liiiiiiittle bit that way? In its vignettey ending/antecedent story parts anyway. I need to like do that for Dark Teapot though—not just write a page detailing his story in the guidebook but actually make it a short memoir

Anyway I was actually ashamed at having a persona I aligned a lot with (not lit me but closeish) because I thought that’s what a self-insert was; I forgot that a self-insert is another thing and persona OCs can be that but not always.

I feel way better about discarding all my handful of different ideas to make them a srsbiz character I didn’t align with as much a la Kate and going back to the initial persona idea