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I occasionally just kinda think about the fact that in the original Spyro the Dragon series Spyro’s home “world” is divided into like seven realms and each of them has a specific “job” it does. Spyro comes from the Artisan realm, but that was always weird to me because Spyro never really seemed like much of an artist

But then today I suddenly realised

What if Spyro was supposed to be a musician

Think about it. The games are so defined by their musical aesthetic, particularly this one style of slap guitar (?) that’s used in the opening but also in a number of other tracks,

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On AoT and the works of bad people


Today tumblr said something so stupid in the “that’s problematic!” vein it made me want to devils-advocate for neo-Nazi propaganda and I think that’s A Problem

Dudes. Chill out.

Don’t you know that the best way to wreck propaganda and prevent it from causing harm is to misinterpret it and never support its true meaning?

1984 was about psychological control by the government to break people into believing that they loved and believed in abusive practices, or simply about government getting too big and having too much power, depending on how you interpret it,

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I kept listening to that Nostalgia Critic parody song about grimdark Superman because I love it

And a few words just kinda stuck in my mind

Through the inspiring words of my father,
I’ll become a symbol, an icon
A saviour to restore hope to those who have none

Because I think about everything way too much, I just kind of thought about those words

And finally realised that basically, those words are a quick summary of why I like the song and think it’s so funny and on-point.

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When I got up this morning I was like yeah, this day has some potential

Then I was like I’m actually really feeling it on the 7h story, now is the time to add some stuff

Then I reread my “autobiography” post from two years ago and I was like I remember now, I remember all this good stuff. It seems like so long ago I hadn’t forgotten all this, but in this moment, I’m starting to feel like maybe I could be me again, and maybe the people I talk to online, maybe they aren’t entirely different people now who don’t care about me and who I should be cautious about just because I’m an entirely different person at the moment.

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On the realisation of fictional characters

I think we don’t think enough about the fact that if we’re going to imagine how we would react to fictional characters in real life, “if they were real” is a very complicated phrase with a lot of different meanings, and every single one has different implications for our perceptions of and reactions to them.

You’ve never thought about that, have you?

How our expectations of reality inform what we wish were real? And how if we had what we wished for, we might be wishing for different things?

I was just thinking about this because if you know a certain game called Undertale that came out a couple months ago,

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Jinfèng’s area may actually be in the same area like province or at least territory as the Baj Kun area

The thing is, I realised the other day when editing the lifecomp entry for flarefowl* that if they use the name “Huang” in Aeterna for the bird and Huang people, the Mandarin-style romanisations (whose origin I didn’t know previously) might actually come from like, this little enclave of Aeterna inside Hinotoria

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What “anime”/”manga” makes most people think of:

  • Big eyes and “bishie design” (see: Fire Emblem)
  • Otaku tropes: friendly neighbourhood pervert, anime maid outfit, ancient nature spirit that just ‘happens’ to look like a child, etc.
  • Shouting
  • The Nine Tailed Fox, or the less-tailed fox with kabuki makeup
  • Desu desu kawaii desu gratuitous Japanese word
  • OVER 9000
  • Get in the robot!
  • Beginners’ poor imitations of cel-shaded stylised forms on deviantart
  • Taking things like card games and writing names in notebooks way too seriously and dramatically
  • anime tiddy
  • yaoi hands
  • I don’t like him or anything!

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what’s the difference between subjectivism and objectivism

I used to (mis?)use objectivism to simply mean a philosophy based in objectivity. It was soooort of inspired by Ayn Rand a little bit, I mean that’s where I got the word “objectivism” in the first place, but only in the vaguest general sense of ‘this is a philosophy where the objective truth is considered the ultimate truth, rather than emotional truths being considered the ultimate truth’; I was in high school and only read Anthem, and I thought she was trying to say that propaganda that worked to erase your sense of self and individuality was bad and knowing the big picture was a vital thing everyone should fight for.

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Stablehand: The story of Wings-07

I feel like I need to share the inspiration for this character, because it’s an odd little story.

So, there’s this cartoon called Regular Show. I had never actually watched it, but apparently it’s one of those things where a guy won a contest and just sort of put together a bunch of random characters and things lying around and wove a concept around them. Which was basically ‘hey what if they were just sort of goofing around at college’.

So that’s what Regular Show is.

Now here’s what I thought it was.

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This video had a rather excellent quote that I think could also be applied to intellectual property and similar issues.

The fact that I know something has zero value if I’m not the person who can actually make something better because of it.