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Something I’d been wondering about for a while is assuming DTP is an aetherboss (I’d never been sure whether he was or not) where did his female form go

I’d been thinking he has a bunch of different guises, maybe 5 of them, each with a distinct furry theme (the aetherbosses are weird about their theme making them look vaguely like furries, actually… SH, Ark, and Aiyalam all have creatures in their themes) that has a different half-mask; a handful of things about DTP were from failed Zacharie [OFF] headcanons so the idea of doing something with multiple masks and forms was kind of in the same vein

I realised that perhaps his guise forms could all be the female form collectively, so he has more of a distributed, mysterious identity than the other aetherbosses

But if his guise forms are all female that really makes him like Shade Vanadia. I think DTP really is gonna be not-Shade Vanadia after all…

I realised, probably Nassak can just walk through the Depths if he’s careful

Before now I’d always imagined there just being this sliding glass door at the back of the Saucer Nexus with a warning sign that had a stylised abyssal and “DANGER” or something, and if anybody stepped out into the Depths beyond that door the abyssals would just immediately eat them (Dark Teapot or an Insulator or somebody would probably just suddenly show up and block you from going out the door as soon as you opened it)

But Nassak has like Portent-sense, so he could detect abyssals before they snuck up on him,

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Dammit, I really wish the Aether bosses in actual Stablehand could be as well coordinated as the naming scheme I came up with for the boss diamonds in G.E.M..

Yellow: HQ Nitriya (yellow = nitrogen, Yellow)

Blue: HQ Borica (blue = boron, Cyan)

White: HQ Clarika (white = clear of impurities, monochrome/”Key”)

Rose: HQ Shirima (pink = crystal distortion – “shear”, Magenta)

Misc ideas

  • If Arkturuse is the boss of Affect and largely that means emotion, and Arca is the zetaligned “dark” version of that, she is probably about, like, mood and atmosphere
  • Probably Lance has special significance to Arca
  • What if the bosses were literally just sometimes their male form and sometimes their female form, at basically random (which is the way I started setting up the Markov bot to be without thinking). I dunno how the members would not NOTICE that though? and not be like oh Arkturuse is going to be Arca now everyone can relax,

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  1. not-Shade-Vanadia has five personas, and everybody gets confused because everything in this universe comes in fours or eights and it’s like WHERE ARE THE OTHER THREE?!. It’s like the goats thing where they let two goats loose numbered 1 and 3 or something like that and the administrators kept looking for goat #2
  2. not-Shade-Vanadia is Dark Teapot. This is where his cosmopolitan mysteriousness and guise thing actually proved not to be just for show

The cool thing about having Dark Teapot in some past timeline as a member of the dream spy agency is that I gave him the name Sigmund because it sounded superficially profound, like oh, you must be a master of the infinite dark foggy labyrinth of the collective subconscious if your name is Sigmund. But specifically, one of Sigmund Freud‘s major things was looking for stuff in dreams… so, like, it’s kinda things coming full circle in a way. :p

That’s an interesting way to solve the problem that actually opens up new possibilities for the universe. The best way to solve a problem.

Ok so, I’d been thinking about the bosses for a bit, and how it was thoroughly weird to have four distinctly male bosses where A. Aluma is so thoroughly feminist from the start and B. they live in the Void where one of the distinct things is gender is not a thing that is known here??

I thought about it for a bit and thought, hmm if I had to do it over maybe I would make them genderless and more abstractium-looking??

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I just got a pretty amazing idea while… making tea of all things (:p)

I was trying to think of why Dark Teapot had huge/many tea vats because why would you need that much tea unless you are either eccentric or selling it and neither quite fit (though to be fair he is a little eccentric and the four organisations are kind of like businesses in some ways), then I remembered that there was a lyric in his theme (WIP)

Dark Teapot’s my handle and wisdom I spout
for I take questions in and I pour answers out

And suddenly it clicked: I’ve heard letting a problem sit referred to as letting it “steep”; perhaps he’s literally answering questions by steeping them into tea

Probably he built the Aethernet by building on his previously-discovered method of tea-based computing

New term: the cloaks Kokorononai members are equipped with (didn’t really explicitly discuss them before ever but they were a thing and I mentioned them like once in a roleplay) are called heart veils, and Kokorononai (probably) invented them. Heart veils are transparent, nearly invisible cloaks that, when put on, start to assume the appearance of something else on the outside, usually some kind of canid (wolf, dog, jackal, coyote) for Kokorononai members. When fully on they replace the wearer’s external form with their own—though the outside of your body behaves like the new form and it feels natural you keep your own physiology internally so it’s like an unimaginably realistic costume kinda.

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Stablehand: Worldspoiler primer

So as you may or may not know, I’ve had a specific approach on Stablehand up to now.

There’s a good bit I haven’t told you, and a lot more things I’ve told you about but haven’t actually explained […]. I’m trying as much as I can to only tell you things the main characters or other relatively ordinary people already know.

I have discovered that while this makes for a great story, it is a horrible way to gain fans and feedback in the early stages.

And so comes the worldspoiler primer. In it I’m basically going to

give up on trying to pretend I can pull off the “mysterious world is mysterious gee I wonder what the explanation for that could be wow what is up with that” thing […] and (without changing my plans for the actual story), just start by telling people all the background like in a conventional story

I will assume nothing in this. I’m literally gonna start from zero, apart from especially clear tumblr posts I’ve made. And I’m gonna go up to everything I have figured out but actual current story plot of the actual main character stories (partly because they’re all in a bunch of little vague pieces in my mind anyway).

Obviously if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want any spoilers or doesn’t like to see worldbuilding explained all the way through before it’s relevant, this is not for you. My about tag might be a better place for you to learn about the story. But if you wanna know what’s up with Stablehand and its world and/or help me on it, and don’t mind background spoilers, I recommend you read it.

With that said, let’s get started. ~10500 words follow.