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Dark Street Fighter, show me the forbidden oldschool copying verifications

So I had a dream that… started out really ordinary, but then after a certain point got progressively weirder and weirder.

First my brother’s parrot was crawling around the walls of its cage trying to get out in order to threaten to bite me, and kept finding doors to get out, after which I’d shoo it back in. Instead of just one like in reality, there were like three doors on the cage; it was built a lot more like the cage we used to keep parakeets in (which had two doors).

The dream then, naturally,


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Howdy, I’m Stewey. Stewey the stewer

So, last night I had a dream where I for some reason made up two very strange but pretty amazing things about Stewey from Family Guy

First, I woke up, either in the dream or actually (I think it was in the dream though) and
when my eyes were closed I was greeted with this perfectly Undertale-styled monochrome sprite of Stewey as an “Amalgamate”. (It looked a little more like somebody tried to kill Stewey the Undying with ambiguous success, but I think he was supposed to be an Amalgamate.)

I really hope that a week from now somebody will find this on Google images and go “what the actual fuck?”

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7h mechanics draft_censored

Attribute and attitude drafts for Seven Heirs, a short gamebook thingy I’m making to force me to get off my butt and make the Stablehand engine, and as a tribute to Undertale.

The first thing I realised when examining the idea and thinking about how I’d apply attributes to the characters was… wait, Undertale already has those! And almost eight of them! Might as well use those instead.

Instead of Agency/Environment/Chroma, 7h uses a slightly different attunement scheme of Aid/Ideals/Activity,

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Some rough logo designs for the CG and side Gems, plus Rose Phoenix, for G.E.M..

The two in the middle were doodled with a brush pen and no sketch (the upper one is actually Dà Jinhuáng rather than Rose Phoenix because I was drawing them as practice for a Jinhuáng pic), while the one in the top right was my second try that’s much closer to what I wanted.

Sidenote: the table shows attitudes. The idea was that based on what attitude the Gem is in, their logo would actually change to a different style.

MBs can have something called Visziya which gives them eyes → Garnet’s third eye is probably a Visziya ability → she has to activate it so probably it forms as a showy thing in front → if Visziya is a Verity thing maybe it can weaponise its line of sight to pierce through things → otherwise inexplicable doodle of Insulator!Garnet firing off a terrifying eye laser

I dreamed that Steven Universe was actually an adaptation of a gameboy game where I think there were extra confounding factors besides the gem people, they were just like a little detail :p
…No, it was more like, the Gems were just random side characters and SU was a spinoff.

I forget what the game was called though I did see the title screen, and then a menu with “OSME LYNX/New game/Continue/(I forget probably settings or something)”*. I got the impression it was sort of like a fusion of Harvest Moon and LSD: Dream Emulator.

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No, silly, that’s more than ok with me and write songs for smash bros. That is what i wanted to go in and that sorta stuff. So don’t delete or edit your first attempt, you have to confess, sir, i am streamed. And i found my weak point, and i spent like. And the bartender is brutally beaten to the houses that had a dream where i am so tire


OFF guardians

  • Japhet pretty clearly has the ability to change sizes at will, maybe even with the kind of flexibility Jake the Dog has because otherwise it would be hard for him to pilot that cat precisely just by wearing it
  • Enoch can also clearly make himself gigantic when he wants to, because he’s pretty un-gigantic at his desk but then he’s just ridiculously big in front of the tram (it could be partly a reference frame thing but I’m pretty sure he also got bigger)
  • What if