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Last night I had a dream that a friend on tumblr sent me a message asking if she could make her fan player character for Hyper Light Drifter work for my monarch OC I’d tentatively made when I didn’t know much about the game but her secondhand gushings

I was like, uhhh I’m still not sure how canon they are but? if this weird mess I threw together based on something I intuitively felt should exist in HLD’s world makes any sense, yeah sure why not


This was my “OC”, pretty much exactly. Their “story” was something like, they were drawn to hyperlight to gain power, and did, but became this sorta zombieish thing unable to stop bursting it out of themself, their body sort of in this constant battle between being preserved and torn apart by it. (Their central tear is like, a bust seam, and their feet no longer work right and have gone kind of limp. But I imagine them being able to throw out really powerful magic by flailing forth their entire useless body really hard.)

I still know very little about Hyper Light Drifter.
In fact, now I think I know even less than I did before. :p

Dinostuck: Cretaceous Square

So… before Stablehand, I had this homestuck “fan adventure” called Dinostuck: Cretaceous Square.

Dinostuckmini_dave Dinostuckmini_jade
Dinostuckmini_rose dinostuck_mini_long

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goatswap redux

Ok so, this is my new post for goatswap. An underswap where Asriel lives, and other interesting things happen.

I made the first post for this about a month ago. There are a number of things in it I still like, but are also a number of things that needed redoing, so…. now is the time to revisit them!

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goatswap illustration post

Original post here.



  • Napstablook’s human form (Napstablook VE) looks the way it does because I was like, with that funky quaint battle music, Napstablook would totally look like a 30s swing orchestra conductor or something. So I loosely based their appearance on Duke Ellington. I would have tried a little harder to make them androgynous but I was too lazy (I couldn’t even stick to one set of proportions lol)
  • “Napstablook VE“

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I didn’t think this post was happening, haha, but then, very accidentally, it did.

Swap AU! Asriel lives.

I call this goatswap cause it started with me swapping Asriel and Toriel, before I generally turned it into a “serious underswap” trying to make everything make as much sense as possible.


The pirate who didn’t do anything

Ok so, I had a dream about FNAF. But it wasn’t a stupid nightmare, it was actually just kind of a dream… commenting on the subject of having nightmares about it and saying ‘geez that’s stupid, this stuff is NOT actually scary’.

I more or less literally had a deconstruction of a nightmare. :p

(content warning: unfrightening parodies of jumpscares)

I don’t really remember the first part of the dream clearly.

It was like there was no FNAF stuff at all at first,


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So, I’d been intrigued by the idea of Steven having the diamond grunts and Lapis instead of the Crystal Gems, or more precisely, what it would actually mean for the story, and I drew one of my famous Takumi doodle-storyboard-comics about it. I’ve drawn said things about three times before, and this is the first time I think I actually made a kind of good one.


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There’s a lot of Synthesis going on on this page.

First off we have a Synthesis combo. I was thinking about how RFS combo techniques are a little bit like Gem fusions but not exactly, and how given I see Sardonyx as being Synthesis maybe G.E.M.!- Garnet and Pearl could do a Synthesis combo where they move around a lot and whenever their paths intersect they can literally run straight through each other and while they’re intersecting they’ll appear as a glimpse of G.E.M.!Sardonyx.

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