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I just had a dream where I was going to what I guess was the music building at my university (it looked nothing like it, of course), after never having practised my instrument and mostly forgetting I’d signed up for a music class. I was about to have to either go into the room and “face the music”, so to speak, or never set foot in the room again and drop the class. Fairly typical dumb anxiety dream that I swear I’ve already had twice in some form.

The more interesting part of the dream was the beginning, though.

As I was coming into the building, I’d gone over to use the restroom.
But as I looked at the doors, I was suddenly overcome with a realisation:

Oh god, this is one of those older buildings.

In this dream, I apparently lived in a universe where it used to be that one door was labelled with a stylised male figure and the words “White/Male/Cis/Het” while the other door had no human figure and was simply labelled “Others”.

Today I had a dream that involved elevators with open doors that could go places elevators don’t normally go. I nearly forgot it when I woke up so I don’t remember a lot of it, sadly.

At first I was just getting on normal elevators that only went up one or two floors though a little bit fast. Then there was one that shot up some 500 floors really fast, through this building that was still building itself before your eyes to catch up to the elevator except the elevator was going way too fast so it just went up into the sky.

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Today I had a dream that I and a number of “classmates” (from highschoolcollege, of course) were playing baseball but there were no real rules so we were just kinda making things up as we went along.

We had a very small fenced square which was on a boardwalk for some reason (which to be fair was a very wide boardwalk the square was nearly the whole width of), where each of the corners had a base on it and a ton of people, maybe 100, were standing on the water side of the enclosure just watching, along with about 30 people on the land side.

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Last night I had a dream that a friend on tumblr sent me a message asking if she could make her fan player character for Hyper Light Drifter work for my monarch OC I’d tentatively made when I didn’t know much about the game but her secondhand gushings

I was like, uhhh I’m still not sure how canon they are but? if this weird mess I threw together based on something I intuitively felt should exist in HLD’s world makes any sense, yeah sure why not


This was my “OC”, pretty much exactly. Their “story” was something like, they were drawn to hyperlight to gain power, and did, but became this sorta zombieish thing unable to stop bursting it out of themself, their body sort of in this constant battle between being preserved and torn apart by it. (Their central tear is like, a bust seam, and their feet no longer work right and have gone kind of limp. But I imagine them being able to throw out really powerful magic by flailing forth their entire useless body really hard.)

I still know very little about Hyper Light Drifter.
In fact, now I think I know even less than I did before. :p

You don’t even know Flerovium?

Today I had a dream that I was back in high school AP Language Arts (english) class, but for some reason we were talking about the periodic table of the elements and we were all going to have to know it in like a week.

The classroom had a huge periodic table going all the way around its walls and I noticed that this table went all the way up to element 114—which I was really surprised at since the highest number I thought was on the table was 112 and this was the first time I’d ever seen one like that.

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Crazy Star


Genuine pizza sauce smoothies, only $1.75

This morning I had a dream that I wanted to order a smoothie at Subway, by which I mean some sort of random ovular booth in the middle of a really vast mall or something with two or three different counters kinda randomly cascading out of each other like one of those postmodern buildings in Los Angeles made of squashed-together cubes.

I went up to one of the counters and tried to pay, but the young woman at the counter said there was no need for that. I just had to go over to the machine, which would take care of everything.

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Botany glitch: secret lilac branch

Today I dreamed that I had some sort of college test to go to, but as it wasn’t for another half hour or so, I was waiting around in my yard. Until it was time to go to class at the far, far end of my yard, behind a random door just standing out in the grass not actually connected to a building.

While waiting for class, I started looking at some birch trees around the area, and discovered that one of them had an odd branch with flowers you wouldn’t expect to see on a birch tree. They were small white flowers with four pointed petals in a fused (connate) tube shape, clustered in some kind of small thyrse—basically like a lilac but pointier. After I spotted them the first time I tried to find them again, but completely lost sight of the branch the second time and couldn’t find it again, as if it had moved higher on the tree and then disappeared. Had it been grafted on there? Had it mysteriously mutated out of the tree? Was it even real? Now I might never know.

With a matter of minutes left, I went to make sure my calculator was in my invisible bag “just in case” the test required one, and set off for the far corner of my yard.

However, I still had faith my non-botany-related professor of a completely vague class which was going to be testing the whole time might be able to tell me something about the phantom tree branch.

That’ll take at least eight Staraptors, probably

I had a dream that I and a bit of family and friends were going to some kind of boating place. Like, a place where you rent a boat and boat around on a really wide lake, but… because it was a dream, there were a few things different.

We drove the car down to this weird little combination dock/parking lot, before realising our car wasn’t built to double as a boat, unlike about a third of the vehicles parked here. Yeah, we were apparently living in the era of car-boats; typically they looked like a car-sized small metal boat with wheels and a car-style windshield and roof.

As we were going to go rent a real boat, somebody else showed up to the side with much wackier ideas.

Oh, my carboat doesn’t go in the water,

he told some staff person.

It’s suspended in the air by several birds.
Uh, like pigeons or something. Four of them. No, six or eight.

The dream then transitioned to me in the bathroom in a regular world without carboats, trying to actually figure out the physics of this. But not trying too hard.

What kind of bird could possibly carry that much weight? A… uh… Staraptor?
If a Staraptor could carry 50 pounds then the boat weighs at least 1000 pounds, so you need at least eight.

…Wait, that’s more than eight.

I’m pretty sure this came from watching Griffin suspend a huge “blob” from about six different directions to tear it apart, but I find it kind of amusing I managed to dream in math problems.