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Used french horn tubas = ripoff

I was walking in to what I’d guess was combination-highschool-college again, looking for a locker. In this room, laid out a bit like my real college’s arts building (you’ll see why that’s weirdly appropriate in a bit), there was a pillar near me, and I noticed there was randomly a locker door on the side of it. Unfortunately this locker was very small and not really usable.

There was another isolated locker in the wall, which was pretty decently-sized, but it weirded me out that it was just a random island embedded in the wall. Thankfully, to its right was a nice regular grid of lockers.

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I dreamed that Steven Universe was actually an adaptation of a gameboy game where I think there were extra confounding factors besides the gem people, they were just like a little detail :p
…No, it was more like, the Gems were just random side characters and SU was a spinoff.

I forget what the game was called though I did see the title screen, and then a menu with “OSME LYNX/New game/Continue/(I forget probably settings or something)”*. I got the impression it was sort of like a fusion of Harvest Moon and LSD: Dream Emulator.

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Wow, it’s like ever since three years ago or so I’ve only been having completely awesome dreams.

This morning I woke up from one with a really interesting character gimmick. This person could apparently only see when a transparent red cloth was draped over their face? For whatever reason, probably just to be ridiculous, they also wore triangle shades, which I think were seen both over and under the cloth at times because dreams are terrible at being consistent. Their face was kind of CG-stylised and their eyes were just drawn on as small red flicks.

(They had actual clothing and features but this is all I could remember)

Apparently the red cloth was supposed to give me some kind of grand magical powers beyond my imagination (which I am not sure if the original red cloth person had) while I put it over my head,

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Me quickly scribbling out the gender symbols used for each chroma.

The current version of this particular worldbuilding facet, if you’re totally lost right now, is that mystery beings don’t have a gender, but have something called a chroma, which is related to their behaviour and general nature and as such people see it as kind of like a gender. People also sometimes identify as “gender Zed” and “gender Xai”, etc., sometimes while also identifying as a “traditional” gender, like Flash Karkira who is malezed.

From top left: Xai, Zed, Omega, Omicron. Omega is Zed + Xai, kinda the “Totality attribute” of chromas, and Omicron is sort of the “Nothing attribute” of chromas. If it looks familiar from Ssiv’s logo, it’s because Ssiv is more or less gender Omicron. I should have mentioned that. :p

The two at the bottom are demigender symbols, with female + Zed (my gender) on the left, and male + Xai on the right for contrast. Imagine them with the opposite “traditional” genders on them instead as well, I just thought it was redundant to draw that.

OFF guardians

  • Japhet pretty clearly has the ability to change sizes at will, maybe even with the kind of flexibility Jake the Dog has because otherwise it would be hard for him to pilot that cat precisely just by wearing it
  • Enoch can also clearly make himself gigantic when he wants to, because he’s pretty un-gigantic at his desk but then he’s just ridiculously big in front of the tram (it could be partly a reference frame thing but I’m pretty sure he also got bigger)
  • What if

The Secret of Telephones

It all started out with me as some kind of black puma-ish thing with a spiky cyan mane that looked a little like Red XIII, or a lot like some random stereotypical deviantART animal OC. The scene was in third person but it showed this creature being killed by another very similar creature (same body shape/colour, may have had a slightly different mane) I think by biting its neck. I don’t remember. Anyway things faded out and the real story began.

I’d been some kind of weird feline before but now I was definitely a human. And I found myself straight in the middle of a group of mouse-people living in a garage.


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Today as I was watching people walk through the door while waiting for the bus I noted a random male with mostly greyed hair carrying a coat. I wouldn’t have thought anything of this or remembered it at all except that for some reason, I happened to think to myself, “oh, it’s a random guy with a coat”.

Then for some reason as I was walking out to the bus, I randomly thought of the other two lines, and had to draw it into a silly nondescript comic.

I have no idea at all where I’d go with it from here. In fact, if anyone else wants to hijack these “characters” and continue things I give them full permission.