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Dark Street Fighter, show me the forbidden oldschool copying verifications

So I had a dream that… started out really ordinary, but then after a certain point got progressively weirder and weirder.

First my brother’s parrot was crawling around the walls of its cage trying to get out in order to threaten to bite me, and kept finding doors to get out, after which I’d shoo it back in. Instead of just one like in reality, there were like three doors on the cage; it was built a lot more like the cage we used to keep parakeets in (which had two doors).

The dream then, naturally,


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So today I managed to dream in marketing campaigns and Undertale AUs.

The first part of the dream I can remember was me waking up. Only unlike in real life, at the foot of my couch-bed there was a vending machine with about 20 different choices in it. All of them were slightly different off-brand brown diet colas, each of them—probably because it was my vending machine—priced at five cents. I took out a “200 cent” coin reasoning that I should get a lot of change back, but the machine didn’t accept it because it was from the Philippines.


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Last night I had a dream that… well… can’t really be conveyed well except in the form of a hastily-drawn doodle comic. So here you go.

(I dramatised it a bit, but minus a bit of extra dialogue putting wordless thoughts into words this is pretty much exactly how it went)


So… yeah. I went to spy on the Cube Army and apparently turned into some kind of cube whistleblower uncovering sphere corruption or something.

Things that are apparently true in the world of this dream:

  • Cubes have just enough sentience to move, though you need to put them on conveyor belts to get them anywhere
  • Cubes have a life history
  • Cubes can fly, but only if they have degrees; they can graduate (complete with mortarboard) just by going through a door. Humans still can’t do any of this.
  • Cubes might be ruled over by spheres…? I don’t quite understand it?
  • Just to be clear, the cubes we’re talking about look exactly like the default grey cubes that appear in Blender and probably other 3d programs, and are always the same size. Which I didn’t draw to scale but is probably about 60 cm to a side.

Soul and Void

So Stablehand just got fucking terrifying today
…I’m joking.

But once again, I just made up something that was such a concept it scared me

So, I’ve sort of been messing around with the idea of “Soul”, as an opposite… force? I guess? to Void. Void is the main supernatural/Weird thing that affects Stablehand’s planet. Because Void permeates the universe of Aluma, people can use the magic-like “cirque” to manipulate their environment and make cool technologies, travel to and from the Aether that Void comes from, and transform themselves into cyborg-like technotranscendents or furry-like biotranscendents.


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Howdy, I’m Stewey. Stewey the stewer

So, last night I had a dream where I for some reason made up two very strange but pretty amazing things about Stewey from Family Guy

First, I woke up, either in the dream or actually (I think it was in the dream though) and
when my eyes were closed I was greeted with this perfectly Undertale-styled monochrome sprite of Stewey as an “Amalgamate”. (It looked a little more like somebody tried to kill Stewey the Undying with ambiguous success, but I think he was supposed to be an Amalgamate.)

I really hope that a week from now somebody will find this on Google images and go “what the actual fuck?”

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I practically never “just doodle things” and it was relaxing to try that for once.

Working on a new design for Wyvera, an old unspecified “mon” species of mine that’s now considered a kai. Along with a new drawing philosophy to “rewrite, not edit”, and my ongoing quest to figure out how to use inkscape almost the same way as a raster art program.


So, I’d been intrigued by the idea of Steven having the diamond grunts and Lapis instead of the Crystal Gems, or more precisely, what it would actually mean for the story, and I drew one of my famous Takumi doodle-storyboard-comics about it. I’ve drawn said things about three times before, and this is the first time I think I actually made a kind of good one.


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This dream is brought to you by Jurassic World

Yeah, this was probably due to all the fan art on my tumblr dash.

I had a dream that there were several relatively small maniraptorans in the room, maybe about the size of a large chicken. They were, weirdly, designed the way you’d design a dinosaur that actually had feathers, but with a few patches of spiky scales in place of them. I think they had membranes in place of pennibrachia.

I swear they didn’t look this much like dragons.

These animals would normally just kind of curiously explore the room, but would react weirdly if you said the word “dinosaur”. They’d suddenly become oddly aggressive but also maybe like they were thinking about eating you. It was very unnerving.

If you petted them on the head that would calm them down temporarily; they seemed to like being petted. But I was a little afraid to stop, it seemed like they were going to get aggressive again though not as much as before.

The history of flying cars started many aeons ago, when Lord Shiva was churning the great ocean of milk…

I had a dream that I was in some kind of theatre class I guess and each of four teams just had to make a relatively short performance of some kind that told a story. That was the only parameter, it had to tell a story.

We also had to listen to other people’s performances and give some kind of synopsis of the story or something like that. But for some reason, I was less keen on listening to the stories than trying to find a comfortable way to do so. During the second one I’d moved into this weird square tunnel looping high around the walls of the room that I guess could have been for acoustics maybe??


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MBs can have something called Visziya which gives them eyes → Garnet’s third eye is probably a Visziya ability → she has to activate it so probably it forms as a showy thing in front → if Visziya is a Verity thing maybe it can weaponise its line of sight to pierce through things → otherwise inexplicable doodle of Insulator!Garnet firing off a terrifying eye laser