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It’s kind of fun to use original characters as wastebins for insane “headcanons” you get that make no sense for the character you thought of them for

Case in point: because one of my lyrics for the Zach song was “I’ve got a cat and just a smidgen of tenacity” I randomly started to imagine him using some weird martial art involving flinging cats through the air as weapons

I…. do not think that makes any sense so I think I will make it a new archetype in Stablehand instead.

I think I will call them the Katzenkämpfers

Heh, Bad Translator managed to get “Eden” out of “one” thanks to Slovenian.

It would actually be kind of funny if Kate was looking for this “garden of Eden” that had, like, completely zero to do with the Biblical one (it just inexplicably had the same name, if that) and it was like this weird fantastic thing that was halfway between a botanical garden and a rainforest and it was full of dinosaurs

What is cleverbad? Is it taking stuff from cleverbot and putting it into bad translator?


To be technical, at this point I more typically put a handful of particularly strange questions from WikiAnswers into it. And then, there’s the most interesting part: I interpret the result into some kind of addition to Stablehand. Not all of the quotes make it that far of course, and sometimes I have to change the interpretation later if it ceases to be relevant.

Also, the meaning has expanded a bit. Occasionally I will just use it to mean “interpreting nonsense”, such as turning wall patterns into creatures or getting names from things I mishear (e.g. Porter Ridge = Portent Rider, http://darktea… = Dark Teapot). But what’s in my “Cleverbad” tag will always be something weird that went through Bad Translator. Edit: Lol that’s no longer true on SNN, particularly since I usually put the BT’d “Cleverbad quotes” in my own private thoughtdump wiki now for better organisation. The old tumblr tag is here if you want to see examples.

Stablehand actually started simply as a way for me to use the Cleverbad, by the way. That was like, its entire purpose: I wanted to make an original version of my interpretations of “Buffet Breakfast” where I could interpret the nonsense and shape the story however I wanted to.

Stablehand: Shikunbao

Well, this is the Shikunbao. Like I said, my brain literally just kind of synaesthetically pulled it out of this song—as my handwritten note on the page just a little bit sloppily describes, “the song conjured up this exact body plan in my mind”.

Shortly after “designing” it, I decided—again kind of subconsciously—that it would make the most sense as a mountain animal in an area either in or around Hinotoria because of its snow leopard-like spots. So, I thought about it a bit and decided that since a lot of Chinese names for animals are kind of just randomish but descriptive phrases, this thing would be called the “rock fist leopard”, or Shiqianbao. In Hinotorian syllables that translated to Shjkjwnbaw, or Shikunbao. So… that’s where its name comes from.

I also later got this idea that the Shikunbao would be somewhat self-aware and since the Hinotorians are associated with Unity, they would have somehow made some kind of agreement with them such that the Shikunbao are really willing to help them out, especially when they need to get through their rough, rocky habitat (but are still just about as cold and hostile as they were before to everybody else). I figured, Unity is a weird attribute and it needs some kind of wacky perks that go with it. Like having freaky yetimonsters at your command. :p