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Eterea, if they really wanted to, could probably just spontaneously go into anybody’s mind just through the power of being creatures formed of abstract ideas. There just needs to be some idea in there that vaguely relates to their base concept, or maybe even the current Aether locale they’re in, and whoop! They’re in. #mind: hacked

What made me think of this was a “cleverbad” quote:

Dream intelligence is the owner of the 2.

And I was like imagining a spy agency going through people’s dreams to find stuff and protect people…

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Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Link: Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Yes, as we all know, all young men are born full of harmonies.

(This whole thing is so absurd I had to wipe tears out of my eyes multiple times just from laughing at it.)

Edit: I actually made this a lyric in the Hinotorian national anthem. :p

All men are born full of harmonies
All women born full of melodies


The dog isn’t cat enough, knowing the parables’ structure. Haha, at leats finish the line art for the picture (which i still can’t get over this dog isn’t cat enough, knowing the opening. Her only trait is that he’s always all up in ssocpimping the new piss spears album still. Aegislash all up in ssocpimping the new stuff. Just bumped it all up in the game at that slime linked a newegg ad earlier in the game

I was looking through my document where I keep cleverbad translations for inspiration and found the phrase “Jude the cat” in one of them so I guess Knight Cat has a name now, heh. He’ll probably still go by Knight Cat most of the time though because that’s catchier.

(Thanks to OFF my fingers always want to type Judge instead of Jude though :p)

Also I stumbled back onto a line about “usually black dog as a nerd” so Knight Cat and Nerd Dog are a team now

Nerd Dog usually goes by Barry since he’s usually a human though

Sardius and Sardonyx are both really good names, Sardonyx makes me imagine some kind of dinosaur or specific species of leijonœrn in shades of black with large visible red claws because that’s what it means (red claw)

(I was looking up minerals again for reasons, this time more RFS than SU; specifically I wanted to find a mineral for Fuchsia because the Gems made me realise a mineral hero would be the absolute coolest thing to Kris so why doesn’t this “Superpower” she admires have at least some connection to minerals to echo her own as “Silica Heroine” and with all these mineral-descriptor archetypes)