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This is like my new favourite song :p
It gets stuck in my head pretty regularly yet I don’t even care.

Because it’s so Spanish and fanciful it really makes me think of Arkturuse and Mega-Mierundaro. Like, if Arkturuse were for whatever reason dragged into an RPG battle, particularly if you had to control him, part of this would be like the perfect background music. :p (I’m… most likely not going to use that format in Stablehand itself ever though.)

By the way this is movement 2 of the piece but I looked up movement 1 and it wasn’t anywhere near as good so… yeah. :p

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Ahahaha the intro to this is like perfect with bagpipes already

(Well, maybe perfect is not quite the right word; it is mildly grating. I’ll probably go back to the violin and use bagpipes as a secondary thing, if they even have the ability to not drown out everything.)

Anyway, preview of the first two stanzas to Ssivyin’s song, which I’m tentatively calling “Neutrality”. It gets much more varied but the bagpipes didn’t sound as good as a main instrument (read: kinda bad) on the other parts of it.

For some reason this track made me think of Ssivyin. I dunno why.

Maybe because the distinctive style of this just reminded me of how they have a distinctive style of their own? Or because it kinda transcends genres the way they transcend gender by smashing together two things that seem like they shouldn’t work at all and making them work? Something like that.

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This song will probably end up becoming to Rotator Phoenix what “Sin rumbo fijo, pero avanzado” (AKA “Portent Rider” because avanzado is hard to remember :p) became to Portent Rider.

About thirty seconds in I was positive it was pretty much the perfect way to represent Rotator’s laid-back but also “cool” style, and surprisingly, I got all the way to the end of the song without being dissuaded of that.

I don’t think I’ll even nickname this one because somehow I feel like the name Kyrielle actually kind of… fits in a weird way. The best I can describe it is, it sounds like a name that would resonate with Rotator and that he’d associate with himself and inscribe on things as if it came from some kind of lost love, though in reality he never had any such girlfriend and he’s just kind of pretending because that’s what that name sounds like he should do with it.

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Heh, I hate to crap all over a post about music with random stuff about Stablehand, but this song was what made me realise what’s to follow, so… yeah.

The thing was, early in the project I tended to put Verity and Synthesis together, like, all the time. This troubled me a bit because attributes are supposed to be distinct from each other and having those two be so dependent was kind of grating against my larger plans.

As time went on I differentiated them: Synthesis is neutral, Verity wants to take a side, Synthesis is detached, Verity cares about everyone, Synthesis extrapolates, Verity tirelessly researches until things are firmly supported. But they still had a troubling tendency to go together.

Today when I found the track I realised what the critical difference was: Verity is defined by a quest. Synthesis is more defined by not having a quest and just chilling out on the side. What does that have to do with this track? Well, it had both the sincere, questy feel of Verity (beginning) and the detached “chilling out” feel of Synthesis plus the more, erm, synthy (:p) electronic instruments I tended to assign tracks to Synthesis for (middle).

As for the track itself, “Journey”, I like its use at the beginning of a… shamisen, I think? (It sounded like the midi instrument I used near the end of Jinfèng’s theme and that was supposedly a shamisen. Maybe this is a koto. I’m not quite sure.)

I also like just about any song that uses choir aahs well too.

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I never thought “default phone ringtones” and “things I like so much I actually want to remix them into my own songs” would be categories that would ever overlap.

But somehow this one ringtone from my tablet just sounded like about the PERFECT instruments and rhythms to put behind “Silica Heroine KRISTINA”. I’d made the mistake of trying to make Kris’s theme this grand and classical-ish French horn thing because I thought that sounded superheroey somehow, but honestly, this fits with her attribute and character way better. I can see now her theme is supposed to be full of tremendous energy.

I’m gonna have to redo the rhythms with my own soundfonts for the actual song given that as you can see the exact clips from the ringtone didn’t really harmonise well past the earliest part of what I already had so I just had to repeat it over and over (:p). But geez.

La Kamel!

I like the main instrument for some reason and the “Egyptian” stuff goes oddly well with it. It’s like somebody with a slightly Egyptian-inspired design is on a super important secret mission in this really ‘fabulous’ city at night.

Not SH as there’s too much emotion in it, but maybe one of his various workers. :p

I dunno, it might also be fun to try to remix this using my sitar instead of the background instruments.

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Forgot to mention this, but this is basically Io’s theme now, and has been for a while. It suits her concept and attitude fairly perfectly.


This is it

This is Portent Rider’s theme!

Ok before I was just thinking he’d ride a mechanical horse, but now I’m thinking he has to have a weird combination horse-motorcycle or horse-ATV or something… XD

Incidentally this is the first theme I’ve assigned to one of my characters that I didn’t write. The awesome thing though is that because I’ve dedicated myself to listening to almost solely libre music, it’s libre. So I can just use it in Stablehand without any problems. And you can use it too! This is why I love libre stuff and I never shut up about it, folks.

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Unfortunately this is kind of a riff but I kind of like the arrangement, maybe partly because it sounds like an anime theme to me and I was almost imagining an animation to go with it (involving Ssivyin and Ssiassi, with Ssiassi turning oddly nightmarish trying to turn the world around it into kinda inkshadows and propelling them forward wanting to burst out but Ssiv fighting with it to keep it repressed… only half goes with the lyrics lyric but eh XD).

I think sometimes my favourite parts of things are the parts that aren’t there and I just imagine… XD

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