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For a little while now this has kind of been my unofficial theme for Barry. Now it’s official, I guess! :p

I like how this song starts out with this random guitar you kind of didn’t expect and just kinda… starts off down the road. It fits oddly well with the way the character is kind of weird and silly and always likes to say things in a ridiculous and oddly unhelpful way to mess with you knowing that when he’s the mature expert (in a rather specific field, but he’s pretty invaluable nonetheless) and too charming to hate on top of it, there’s nothing you can do to stop him.

Then it goes into this much more mature and “Unified” sounding thing, which is another side of the character, but the quirky guitar is still there and then you get this very… girly in a way ‘romantic’-ish stuff with whispering voices and stuff but that fits the character too because he looks and acts in a somewhat feminine way.

And then it’s just kind of… chill for the rest of it.

As an added bonus its sort of Italian (?) sound goes pretty well with Ariana’s theme.

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This is one of the most beautiful mistakes I have ever made

I accidentally deleted two measures of rests in the second strings ensemble part and

I simultaneously laughed and teared up a bit because this mistake was almost better than I could do on a purposeful arrangement and it was a freaking mistake

(The first iteration here is the way it’s “supposed” to sound, second is how it sounds with the mistake; I put the dynamic up one on the part with the mistake to make the new harmonies more audible)

I’m considering pasting it into the second verse while leaving the first as is, then fixing the parts that clash because there are a few of those but without those it would sound pretty good.

Edit: Nah the mistake doesn’t really fit in the second verse easily, which is a shame.

Ok, I think this was the one I was trying to find.

This is, again, another one from El Ladrón Nocturno. I like it because it has this odd kinda quaint intro and then this random cool “chase” bit in the middle and overall I guess it kinda reminds me of Kyrielle as well as Portent Rider.

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Carcel sin rejas, by DavidKBD (who will always be “the Portent Rider guy” to me).

Oddly when I looked into it it expecting there would be a bunch more songs like this, it seems like this guy mostly did videogame-type music. His “Dreamland” album was pretty good, particularly in its 2013 update, so after this album and a couple other songs that’ll be up next.

In any event, here’s a song from the same album (El ladrón nocturno) as Portent Rider, and similarly good.

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Here’s that WIP of Ssiv’s theme I kept talking about, finally.

I’m a little embarrassed it’s still not all that polished when I’ve had the full song written out in one voice for like, weeks, but as I was trying to add a convenient export command to libretto today (something you’d think I would have added a long time ago, I know :p) I got sidetracked again wrestling with beanshell trying to clean up the program source for a lot of the day (ultimately failing unfortunately).

This was supposed to be continuing the celebration of how actually decent it sounded already but now I just feel pathetic

Nosrock! I figure when something makes me design an entire creature, in this case the cragwing, it’s worthy of posting.


That’s it. That’s the cragwing. It’s literally just a slightly smooth protruding rock face with jagged stuff at the bottom and teeny, wispy wings at the side. And a tail of cloud because I didn’t know what to do with its tail. :p

I don’t know what it was about the brass in this song but it just immediately made me imagine a bunch of these things flying around high above looking completely incongruous (I thought the song/creature were Incongruity until I introduced Clarity, actually).

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Ok this is silly and stupid but

I was trying to reorganise the spectrum hexarts given the introduction of Compulsion and Clarity, but I literally couldn’t think of the attributes for a moment so I had to go back to TablesAndH.ods where I’d just listed out the attributes for another reason in listing out a bunch of mascot thingies

And as I was reading them off this happened.

Embarrassingly enough I actually sing this rather regularly now whenever I need to list out all the attributes. :p