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This project is backburnered so it may be a while before I get to it, but here’s the basic idea. A manga or very similar-format story about truth and perspective, where a group of “objectives” fights against an organisation of nonsensical arts that’s warping the world. In its basic ideas it could be called loosely Objectivist, in the sense of “undermining the natural order of objectivity-based laws allowing systems to self-govern, or trying to persuade individuals that existing for their own sake and by their own standards is not good enough and it is not a rational action just to want to fight entropy etc. and survive, is bad”. Part of the original idea was to have a little bit of an Indian aesthetic but other than using the sitar in related music I make I’m not sure if I’ll keep that.

Fuller thoughtdump-explanation available here, though that post reveals some major twists in an outliney way. Don’t look if you hate spoilers.

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The mythopoeia of Saralya

One thing to keep in mind was that this was from a slightly earlier version of Tyrian than the “definitive” version in 2014 when I started retouching a big handful of things, so it might seem a little different from the notes/pictures in my blog tag—the Chayavana are still referred to as “deva” for one. However, you can bet any specifically-named Chayavana/”deva” you see here would definitely have been a part of Tyrian.

Final note: remember while reading this that I was about 16 at the time, and this might as well have been my theme song. This was by the time I’d actually started to get pretty damn good at making foreign names that were linguistically intelligent and not just “I’ll pick this really common word because it sounds exotic in my language”, but man are the Indian/Japanese influences apparent here.

With that, here it is.

The Mythopoeia of Saralya


I kinda really agree that it’s a lacklustre way to do things to have only ONE ITEM THAT CAN SAVE THE WORLD!

It’d be kind of awesome if these heroes are on a quest to get the great item and then suddenly they’re just like you know fuck this there are way better ways to do this with just a bit of lateral thinking, why don’t we blow the big bads up with explosives or dam up a river and flood their evil pit of fire or something

Alternatively, story where the heroes are led to find the great item as a distraction, the bad guys are just misleading everyone so nobody will think of trying to defeat them by obvious methods which would work just fine

Honou must transform into a “reborn form”, called Honou-R, with like these fire-adorned mech armour things
Just so it spells honour

It’s the perfect combination of “wow that’s actually cool” and “this is totally the kind of bizarre and a teeny bit stupid thing people make fun of anime for”




First pic: man, I love it when I put completely unrelated things on the same page but they look like they might maybe be related and it looks like some kind of completely surreal story.

The “French Eridan” narration was one thing from an attempt to illustrate a conversation I had with Cleverbot about its version of Homestuck, the fishy things below it were a brainstorm of a new idea I had for Tyrian and the mechanics of how its Chayavana worked (in short, that Chayavana had taijitu-like swirling combos of darkness and light inside that represented the two sides of their personality and…

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I’m thinking that for Tyrian instead of doing this inked mangaish “realism“ like I originally imagined, I may develop a more stylised style that combines brush lines with the soft, gradienty painting thing I was doing with the Stablehand hexart concepts and also gradient accent colour overlays

Sorta like I did with the original Jinhuáng picture before her revamp but more neat colour-wise and plus gradients sorta like screentoning but in accent colours instead of patterns

This might also be the style I use for Remėx

OC asks: 6, 30, 31, 38


6.Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?

This has actually happened a few times and been something I think about!

  • Jinfèng looks like Kyrielle, Jinhuáng’s human form, but they’re not related. It occurs to me just now it may be that the bird chose her because she saw herself in Jinfèng, but that’s not set in stone.
  • Glass Guardian kinda resembles Ssiv, but is not necessarily related even though they have kind of an “ancestor”

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Tyrian "WSP"

A very short “worldspoiler primer” for Tyrian in the spirit of the Stablehand one. It’s much less polished and more like a thoughtdump, but it gets all the important stuff and new ideas I had lately in. See also my Tyrian page at the top.

Again, the whole “if you don’t want ANY spoilers this is not for you” thing. You’ve been warned. :p


Old Subetapet profiles

Ah, Subeta. I loved that site.

…Well, ok, to be more specific, I loved the pets and the universe and the story and also generally thought the “app” part of the site was pretty good in spite of all the hiccups you get when you have a small dev team. The “community” part I was never really a part of, and didn’t have that great of experiences with.

But I still love to what extent they took the “talking animal pet site” idea most well known at Neopets and actually made it interesting and compelling and cool.

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