Oh god

So the main characters of Stablehand have little logos they wear a teeny bit like Homestuck characters (it’s kind of a general fad rather than a kid thing, but a fad that’s lasted a really long time, kinda like Pokémon)

I was just imagining Fuchsia wearing the Faith symbol like that

Then I tried to imagine who would wear the Machination symbol and I thought, no Kolonok has a weasel logo… hmm what about Serval

Thing is, Serval is sort of building an army of furries

And the Machination logo looks like this


I’m laughing so much

It was not supposed to be that literal

Oh god

Ok so I stumbled back onto this one post on tumblr about “the furry problem

As I was looking through it again I noticed the phrase “furry archetype”

And unexpectedly, my brain did entirely the wrong thing with the word “archetype”

You see, in RFS Serval has this faction called the Ocellated, and they’re kinda secretly experimenting with coaching people to help them learn to become “biotranscendents”, that is, people who can use cirque (this universe’s version of magic more or less) to wield the abilities of other living things

Originally I’d just thought of them as people who’d have trained animals or put bird wings on their backs or echolocate or photosynthesis or whatnot, like the technotranscendents have these techno-accessories they wield and sometimes merge with

I saw the phrase “furry archetype”

And I realised what if the next step Serval’s plotting in the dark depths of their office is to take the merging further and/or teach animals to become sentient biotranscendents and basically create an army of lethal animal-people

Jegus that would sure explain why Serval and their faction were doing everything hidden away from the outside world under the presumption it wasn’t “ready” yet

Ok so, Ssiv’s parents are Serval the catperson and Severance, who I haven’t designed yet. They sort of represent the two different “sides” of the Synthesis attribute, with Serval liking the idea of merging things together sort of “AND” style and Severance preferring to accent the differences between things for a more eclectic approach sort of “OR” style.

Serval leads the Ocellated, and Severance leads the Variegated. The Ocellated has biotranscendents, people like technotranscendents but with living things (Katzenkämpfers if I use them are probably a sub-class of BTs). The Variegated I don’t know much about yet but Severance definitely works with Arbiters as Arbiters’ independent, in-control-of-myself thing really fits their philosophy.

Severance is probably gender zed, maybe femzed. Either way I imagined them having a similar off-white heavy-weight cape to the one I imagined Karkira with when he switches to “Karkir”, so I guess nondescript heavy capes are a thing associated with gender zed. Serval has like a small amount of serval-like spotting on their body so I think Severance will have dramatic rough-edged stripes on them but probably on some kind of equipment/accessory rather than their body since their whole thing is not merging things the way Serval does.

Serval could have some kind of AND symbol and Severance could have some kind of OR symbol.