I used to wonder what an att could be

So as I’ve been programming Seven Heirs (Undertale tribute using the in-progress Stablehand engine) I’ve been learning some things about Stablehand/Sixteen Hues.

For 7h, I wanted to build a “Stablehand-style RPG-ish encounter system”, because RPG encounters are a big part of Undertale but I never thought about how one would work in Stablehand and thought that would be an interesting experiment. For reference, this is called the “Confrontation” system.

And I thought about how I was building it (or planning to), and realised, this pretty much illustrates exactly what attributes were/are supposed to be.

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Synthesis and Incongruity are collectively called “Train” so what if like somebody interpreted that really literally and is just like all about locomotives

Maybe the major organisation of Synthesis is literally “The Railroad” and they’re an organisation but they also built a bunch of railroads throughout the world

Whoa. Big idea.

I was trying to think of how Saut d’Eau and other hidden continents and retcons could be a thing, and how the past was so weird and flaky and how there are like a bunch of things that happened/didn’t happen simultaneously, and suddenly this popped into my head

What if there were two separate antiparallel timelines each kinda with a different world with a different feel where the far past of timeline A was the far future of timeline B, and the far past of timeline B was the far future of timeline A

So each one’s past was getting retconned by butterfly effects in the other one as people there naturally tried to progress into the future, and in the middle of the two there was some kind of Ragnarok event where both timelines end (perhaps where the two worlds discover and fight each other), but which would never be reached because each timeline would effectively hold the other one in balance through setting it back with all the retcons

If I went with that, the “reverse world” with the opposite timeline might be where Stalnhard, Arca, and Eliyaham are

Man, this is WAY too big a complication to suddenly introduce though, like, it changes everything
I…. think not


I’d soooort of imagined it as a fight against Achroma before because she’s the mascot of Eternity but

What if Aeterna’s fight against time won long in the past was actually a fight against Era, who wanted to siphon up Aeterna just like he did to the Spanish lion kingdom and the other places, but nope Aeterna beat him

Possibly happening against a future Era (I don’t see “present” Era as doing this, so some thing the main characters do might have the possibility to make him do this) that went and attacked past Aeterna for some reason, maybe thinking they’d be easier to overcome because they’d be divided and not knowing that defeating him was what would unite them because he hasn’t seen that part of his timeline yet

A little clarification

Retrolark Fantasy Stablehand” is the name of the gamebook. Stablehand is the name of the story continuity (i.e., if I had some sort of adaptation of the gamebook that wasn’t the same thing, or maybe a side story, it would just be Stablehand). Sixteen Hues is the name of the universe/scheme of mechanics and aesthetics and stuff.

Thus, Fuchsia White could potentially be a Sixteen Hues thing even though it isn’t Stablehand, and if I were to make, like, a Stablehand monster game that would be a Stablehand thing, but not a Retrolark Fantasy Stablehand thing.

All of the above is tentative but I think it will stay.

I’ve been vaguely considering this motif that maybe for every fantastical element added to their universe, something less fantastical is lost
Mainly that for each of the main blazon animals that represent each attribute, there’s a real (to us) animal that doesn’t exist–firebirds are real while peacocks are mythical, fulvopards but no lions, vvaghras but no tigers, leijonœrns but no… idk yet, perhaps hexarts displaced crocodiles (this is still new so I’m still both deciding on blazon animals and the real animals they displaced)
With this new idea about Shadow that kinda got me thinking maybe other stuff is like that too

It reminds me that I’d recently considered in my eventual reboot of Tyrian,

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I forgot this was a thing. Hope I didn’t post it already.

Here, have this wonderful thing from the very beginning of the Stablehand project, when I’d just barely gotten to naming most of the attributes (you might notice I hadn’t even thought of Machination and Fantasy or their counterparts yet). First as you can see I tried to do triangle-based emblems and then I decided it was weird to have a set of triangle-based emblems and then some without triangles like Unity and Synthesis, and the triangles had to go. Compare them with the final ones.

Man am I glad I didn’t stick with those lazy triangle emblems.

Stablehand: Planestack, Expurgator

Two more MBs! Both of the still semi-new Clarity attribute.


Planestacks are a creature of both Synthesis and Clarity. They aren’t well-known at all.

They’re made out of many square planes of a strange glassy material, each taking on one of many colours. The stack of planes spirals and slides around dynamically as the creature moves, branching off into four similar but smaller stacks that form the limbs. They have a rather loosely-composed body; I drew the planes right up against each other but they can have varying amounts of space between them.


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