As I was typing that last post it finally occurred to me that maybe the reason Rotator and the Techs are younger than they’re supposed to be (they’re like 25 when The War was at least 50 years ago and Rotator was around 17-20 during The War) is just because something caused them to absorb a ton of sustanszia. I don’t know what though, exactly.

A silly possibility that occurred to me is Rotator just nuzzled up against his goddamn phoenix girlfriend often enough that with her huge amount of sustanszia some just kinda literally rubbed off on him :p
Kinda funny to imagine him just kinda revealing that to the others one day while also randomly projecting fiery wings out of his back for the first time ever cause if there’s anything that G.E.M.

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Carbonado and the Techs… and stuff

I got like four post ideas in the shower and had to squash them all together whoops


Spiriters originally were an Aeterna thing. They were just minor inland thieves. Then Sengra pirates came in and “stole” their faerie friends, displacing them in Ssairetta and expanding out into the ocean. From that point on Sirriparn went from minor boring unknown petty thieves to ridiculous truck-hijacking maniacs

It may be that Ssairetta’s weird habit of jumbling syllables in words (Ssiatterra? → Ssairetta, spiriter → sirripar) originally came from Sengra mangling Aeterna language because they didn’t care,

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Stablehand: libre include roundup

By now I’ve got a number of libre songs that I didn’t create but have included in Stablehand (or considered doing so) under libre licences. There are a handful more less official ones on my tumblr, but here are the main ones right now to round out my music tag.

First of all there’s Portent Rider, aka Sin rumbo fijo, pero avanzado (DavidKBD). Portent Rider’s theme song. I already made a post about that, but here it is again for completeness. (BY-SA 3.0)

Then there’s Kyrielle (Denis RICHARD),

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Well, when putting together my timeline of “background shit” I half-accidentally created the name Techanopia (techno + canopy + utopia) and you know, I kind of like it. It’s sort of genuinely cool and funky but also so nauseatingly retro and hippy you just want to smash something, and I think that’s about what I was going for.

The most urban main place right now is probably Zefír (Fantasy + Unity). It’s literally a glassy sky city built where there was nothing, so there’s like no natural anything. I saw them as having small artificial green spaces that were like flowerbeds but honestly I’m not sure now how well plants would do at their altitude or what kind. (On a sidenote I need to rename Zefír, now that I actually know what its leadership is like I can’t see them naming it that. :p It needs to be something funky and newagey like Unitopia or Trancescendenta, though less stupid-sounding than either of those.)

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Ok so there’s Rotator Phoenix
Then there’s David Vlang AKA Pterodaustro AKA David Love
Then there’s Matutes Jin (last-first Aeterna style) AKA Vaheuhendi AKA Magna
And finally there’s Flash Karkira, AKA… Karkira.

The four of them form this quatrumvirate that’s the core of Zefír’s government, with each of them specifically in charge of one of four quadrants of it and things further being divided up to other people from there. Rotator is north, Pterodaustro is south, Magna is West, and Karkira is east.

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You know, I never did think about the place that Zefír had to be built over.

Now I’m thinking it was probably built over one of the Undirected places, because Undirected places suck.

(How funny would it be if a whole bunch of people were treating it like the “Bridge to Nowhere” when it was being built and the people of the Undirected place are really mad but they can’t say anything because they’re like squatters or something and they know they’ll get kicked out)

(You know, maybe it would make even more sense if it were the place of Duplicity and Rotator agreed that he’d hide them, wink wink, if they let him build there and didn’t say anything :p)

(Also if it were like literally underground and Rotator told everyone he was building over this place because it was a wasteland and there was nothing there, wink wink)

Stablehand scraps, 5/2~7/24

Has it really been TWO MONTHS since I did the last summary post already? That’s a long time.

Well, anyway, here are all the scrappier things that happened in that timeframe!


Fulvopards are pardeans, an odd group of “mid-sized” cats that I’m still figuring out. The main idea though is that they evolved from the close ancestors of either “big” cats or “small” cats (mostly small cats) but are a distinctly different kind of cat. (I guess by that definition the group might be polyphyletic? Eh,

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TDNMB, 6/6:

Three things.

  1. People in Grævonia are very divided on their opinions about hexarts. Those in Wespiegel generally have a strong animosity toward them, and a lot of businesses have “no hexart” signs. Those in Easboro pretty much love hexarts and a lot of businesses have signs that say “hexarts OK” or something similar.
  2. Skyland! It’s a city in the sky. Made of walkways, platforms, pillars, glass, and downward-facing “groundscrapers”.
  3. This morning I was in kind of a silly mood and was kind of thinking about Stolen Heart and Arkturuse’s teams and how they might decorate their buildings. Then I thought of how occasionally you’ll find a store or whatever that has a big happy face and a message that says “have a nice day!” or whatever, and got these hilarious images of Stolen Heart and Arkturuse doing their… own takes on that. Stolen Heart’s I’ve already explained; the joke behind Arkturuse’s is that he’s blind.

Yesterday I was trying to brainstorm some places for Stablehand based on the Destiny Attributes. For the Fantasy attribute, which is all about impractical dreaming, I imagined this vast glass-encased network of walkways, buildings, and other stuff all up in the sky supported by a multitude of giant, sturdy pillars. (I don’t have a good idea of what to name it right now so I’ve tentatively been calling it Skyland. Given the obvious collision with Skylanders, that may change though. I hate IP.)

Then I went to bed and started dreaming about myself telling somebody about Skyland, for some reason emphasising all the safety measures it had so that you wouldn’t fall off and break your neck in mid-air. (I believe I used words very similar to those exact words at least twice.)

I also told this person that Skyland boasted downward-facing “groundscrapers” instead of skyscrapers because this was more efficient gravity-wise, and emphasised how the pillars formed a large, noticeable geographic feature comparable to a mountain range or something.

When I was asleep the thing about groundscrapers seemed so cool, but now I’m awake I’m like “um… okay… what?”.