Graznar is a hero?

Well this just made me say “oh my god” no less than ten times

So I have this 6kh story I’m working on related to the “spanish lion kingdom” Usmana and how it became a wasteland of nothing but empty blackened plains simply called “The Scorched”. (This has been a thing I’ve been trying to figure out forever and have come up with many ideas but ultimately none of them quite stuck, until this one.)

Today I had the mind-blowing realisation that like, the way that story is shaping up,

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Subzero archetype

I really thought about it today and finally decided that yes, there is an “evil” counterpart to the superpower archetype:

The “subzero” archetype.

A subzero is kind of the Stablehand counterpart to a supervillain, but in the Stablehand universe things are just divided differently, so it’s not quite the same.

A superpower and a subzero both—to put it in the most basic way—get their power from a strong belief in what they’re doing, so at heart they’re pretty similar. The main difference between them is that a superpower uses their powers to bring about Direction while a subzero uses their power to bring about Indirection.

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