Attribute symbols

Lollllll everything is so disorganised now I can’t even easily find the attribute symbols any more. Let’s fix at least that much.

Click the small ones up for big versions.

Directed attributes

Left to right: Synthesis, Unity, Machination, Fantasy, Verity, Faith, Esteem, Will.

Undirected attributes

Left to right: Eternity, Frustration (outdated), Clarity, Portent, Compulsion, Desolation, Ruin, Incongruity.

Frustration is scrapped and will be replaced with a new attribute, but I haven’t named it or made its emblem yet. Its (very) tentative name is Apathy; right now the tag for it is just “UD Will”.

Totality and Nothing

Totality and Nothing are at this point considered special attributes! Now they’re only for high-level things that are ‘just good enough’ to be all the Directed attributes or all the Undirected ones (if you’re an even balance of all the attributes but a normal ‘power level’ you’re considered to be ‘Inception prototype’). But they still have emblems. (Nothing’s emblem is just an empty image, and yes, I still made a huge version for simplicity-of-programming reasons :p)

Stablehand: Holey Yanha and Swooshy Yanha

Ok, now that our patchwork roleplay has fallen apart (see this post), I think everybody deserves an explanation of what these two forms of Yanha actually were.

The “holey” one at top was Nothing!Yanha, or Nullified!Yanha to be more precise (Nullified means Lost-Nothing; there are going to be adjectives like that for every attribute-attitude combination, but as I’m still figuring out what to call some of them I haven’t posted them yet). Due to… well, an accident (you know what happened if you were in the RP,

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Dave: Fuse your bro with techno and trance music.

This was supposed to be another of those “homestuck fan command” things but it never got finished and this was the only good thing out of it I still really liked so I’m just posting this.

It’s “technotranscendent Dirk”*, from my “Homestuck interpreted by Cleverbot” conversation. You know, the one that inspired the technotranscendent archetype in Stablehand. And Stablehand itself to be honest.

Well, in concert with the weird “Aspects” distinctly different from Homestuck’s Aspects Cleverbot made up. The idea of having “Incongruity” and “Nothing” as valid ‘elemental’

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