Some rough logo designs for the CG and side Gems, plus Rose Phoenix, for G.E.M..

The two in the middle were doodled with a brush pen and no sketch (the upper one is actually Dà Jinhuáng rather than Rose Phoenix because I was drawing them as practice for a Jinhuáng pic), while the one in the top right was my second try that’s much closer to what I wanted.

Sidenote: the table shows attitudes. The idea was that based on what attitude the Gem is in, their logo would actually change to a different style.

WBJ2015: Races

Races. Ok. This is a good subject because I have half of it solidly nailed down in such a way I won’t pour over it for two days like the geography one, and half of it is kinda open but again I’m not gonna pour over it for two days like the geography one.


We all know what humans are.

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Thoughtdump of revised stuff about MBs

MBs are made of a few different parts. Sustantia, which is either Directed or Undirected, essentia, which is typically one or more attributes and possibly one or more attunes, and agency.

Sustantia comes from Totalia/Nanta. Essentia is something that is constructed as an MB “grows” and finds its own personality. I don’t know where it comes from.

When an MB becomes a locale (a very Thematic form), it becomes less conscious, but not because its consciousness is lost, simply because its consciousness was made of a number of parts working together that are now functioning independently.

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Darn, I should have drawn this in a good program like Krita rather than xournal :p But I didn’t know it was going to be actually-kinda-good. Ah well. Note to self: learn how to use Krita.

Anyway this is a creature called the Panderer. I was looking through agent nouns to use for MB names and I stumbled across the word panderer and I really liked something about the way it sounded. Made me think of a weird armour-backed panther thing.

I then realised with a name like that it could be a bigger version of the Brownnose, like, a Brownnose that “grew up” to be a useless good-for-nothing instead of turning into something cool like a Postulator*. The Panderer has no life of its own; it just goes around trying to please others in a clueless inept way to the point of being annoying.

Yeah probably, Yanha is the Esteem character if anyone.

I’d blocked on the fact that I gave it Fantasy-coloured markings because of its whole impossible-dream idea but honestly, it’s the one with this lofty Italian-opera-sounding song about existence and mortality, and also I see it transforming into a number of different shapes in a sort of “elementalist” way (elementalism = philosophy related to Esteem, of using elements like fire and water and electricity and desert and music and constellations and pretty much any suitably simple and distinctive theme you can think of).

I’d been confused about what Thematic-Esteem would be like in the new redone attribute/attitude system of Undirected/Directed vs. Agentic/Thematic I’d been working on, and I guess Yanha is it.

What’s H-nothing?

H-Nothing is Hardened-Nothing. As you might or might not remember, each attribute can have an attitude which can be either “good” (Empowered, Hardened), “neutral” (Inception, Gathered), or “bad” (Lost, Scrambled).

Inception (I) = starting attitude; can have Empowered or Lost tendencies but can’t control either very well

Empowered (E) = got control of a Directed attribute, confirmed for hero, everything is peachy

Gathered (G) = has given up figuring out how to be Empowered in exchange for not being Lost; typically a person is Gathered in both a Directed and Undirected attribute so each keeps the other from progressing

Lost (L) = Undirected attribute controls you (ex.: L-Portent might be frequently overcome with frightening intrusive thoughts)

Scrambled (S) = Undirected attribute consumes you and causes you to torment others (ex.: Aiyalam is S-Incongruity so he’s a little bit crazy and his thing is basically screwing everything up)

Hardened (H) = managed to come to accept an Undirected attribute and actually turn it around to be useful (ex.: H-Compulsion is good at feigning a fake set of thoughts/opinions that people expect, while actually having another entirely)

In-universe, Stolen Heart is the main guy who’s H-Nothing and in his case, he has no emotions, no identity, no capacity for romance (at least seemingly, it’s hard to tell without emotions) and basically literally nothing to live for but he’s realised that that instead means that without emotions he can’t be biased and can basically do perfect science emotion-wise, and nobody can bring him down because he has nothing to take away.

Stablehand: Evermore Albatross, Inquisitor, Obtruder

First up, we have… a mess! Recently in an effort to save paper, I’ve been leaning more toward filling up pages with a bunch of unrelated things than keeping them neatly segregated. As a result, we have the same Hinotorian ideographs yet again, some drafts for attitude symbols, an attempt to reclassify attributes, a rose thorn monster, and the evermore albatross.

The idea of attitudes being heraldic poses visually came from, well, attitude meaning just that. As I said before, one of the things that was supposed to be a thematic element of Stablehand early on was making heraldic monsters come to life,


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Stablehand: What is Stablehand? (again)

Despite my valiant attempts to explain what Stablehand is at least twice, it turned out people still didn’t get it. So… I had to do it again (:p). Here’s my newest explanation, reposted from my tumblr.

What is stablehand? Do you make it?

I do make Stablehand, or, well, will would be a better word than do, because I haven’t strictly “made” any of the actual story yet. Though I do already have a whole bunch of things laid out basically in a rough outline of the final format in my mind,


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Stablehand: Holey Yanha and Swooshy Yanha

Ok, now that our patchwork roleplay has fallen apart (see this post), I think everybody deserves an explanation of what these two forms of Yanha actually were.

The “holey” one at top was Nothing!Yanha, or Nullified!Yanha to be more precise (Nullified means Lost-Nothing; there are going to be adjectives like that for every attribute-attitude combination, but as I’m still figuring out what to call some of them I haven’t posted them yet). Due to… well, an accident (you know what happened if you were in the RP,

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Ok, from today on the Directed attitude is going to be renamed Empowered, just because it’s way too confusing having Directed attributes and then the Directed attitude.

It also matches better with neither of the “Undirected” attitudes being called Undirected.

So, in order from most Directed to most Undirected:

Empowered, Hardened – Gathered – Inception – Lost – Scrambled

I hope that’s less confusing.