Dark Teapot and shade forms

Dark Teapot and Sigmund Wren are the same person, but essentially in two separate timelines. Sigmund Wren’s timeline ends where Dark Teapot’s timeline begins, and vice versa, creating a chicken and egg time loop situation where it’s not really clear if he was “always” an aetherboss or not. Sigmund Wren was initially a person who became an aetherboss, but Dark Teapot was initially an aetherboss who became a person.

Dark’s additional “guise” identities that I always had a vague idea he’d have have to do with his connection with the dream spy agency.

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Something I’d been wondering about for a while is assuming DTP is an aetherboss (I’d never been sure whether he was or not) where did his female form go

I’d been thinking he has a bunch of different guises, maybe 5 of them, each with a distinct furry theme (the aetherbosses are weird about their theme making them look vaguely like furries, actually… SH, Ark, and Aiyalam all have creatures in their themes) that has a different half-mask; a handful of things about DTP were from failed Zacharie [OFF] headcanons so the idea of doing something with multiple masks and forms was kind of in the same vein

I realised that perhaps his guise forms could all be the female form collectively, so he has more of a distributed, mysterious identity than the other aetherbosses

But if his guise forms are all female that really makes him like Shade Vanadia. I think DTP really is gonna be not-Shade Vanadia after all…


  1. not-Shade-Vanadia has five personas, and everybody gets confused because everything in this universe comes in fours or eights and it’s like WHERE ARE THE OTHER THREE?!. It’s like the goats thing where they let two goats loose numbered 1 and 3 or something like that and the administrators kept looking for goat #2
  2. not-Shade-Vanadia is Dark Teapot. This is where his cosmopolitan mysteriousness and guise thing actually proved not to be just for show

The cool thing about having Dark Teapot in some past timeline as a member of the dream spy agency is that I gave him the name Sigmund because it sounded superficially profound, like oh, you must be a master of the infinite dark foggy labyrinth of the collective subconscious if your name is Sigmund. But specifically, one of Sigmund Freud‘s major things was looking for stuff in dreams… so, like, it’s kinda things coming full circle in a way. :p

Ok, I think Compulsion is probably the most accurate way to rename Flightplicity. I don’t like the sound of the word so much, but it fits really well.

It can mean “forcing somebody to do something”, but it can also mean feeling a really strong, constant irrational urge from within to do something, such as in this case doubt and censor oneself. In the latter case though, there’s kind of a connotation that you know it’s not natural and may even feel double anxiety over your own self-doubt.

Also Vergozsya being the monster of Compulsion at least doesn’t sound completely stupid, so there’s that.