OCtober: Jinfeng

Jinfeng. Hmm.

Ok the first thing I can say about JF is, I actually have SOME idea about Hinotorian tones now! So at the very least, I know “Jinfèng” is outdated.

The way tones work is, each part of speech has an offset of +/-x ‘notes’ you can use but don’t have to, to make the sentence more clear. That is, nouns have one, verbs have another, adjectives have another, idk maybe adverbs have another, and so on. There are probably multiple ways to distinguish each part of speech, as well as definitely some slack for how big the offset’s magnitude is.

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What relation does the jīnhuáng have to the hwnzj?


Jinhuáng is kinda… their mythical matriarch. She was named Dà Jinhuáng by the Hinotorians* because she looks like a giant golden version of them.

The flarefowl/hwnzj are a common mortal species, but they have a mythical counterpart, the Hfenix, which is a huge flarefowl-like bird that wields flame powers and cannot die normally; there’s also a weird rule that there can only be exactly one at any given time though if it is destroyed (highly unlikely but technically possible) another one can and will form somehow. Jinhuáng is this Hfenix.

A few slightly outdated world things.

The first was an attempt to put together a world map of Aluma. I’m kinda not sure if the continent of Ascensia will be a thing any more at least like that because I didn’t plan on Kolonok having to go through it and it’s supposed to be less well known than Prossiveria (the north). It might be like a hidden thing like Saut d’Eau that has an entry point in Aluma but is outside of it. Also I’m reworking all the Undirected places and that weird table of continents and places is nonsense now,

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I realised today that if Hinotorian is widespread all over the world and a language that unifies people it is probably not a pure Chineseish-sounding language like I originally thought but this complete mess that is full of all kinds of loanwords left and right almost like a pidgin