So the other day I was having a stupid little thought about people having Reflector MBs that could act as mini-Hfenixata. I haven’t talked about Reflectors much cause they haven’t been developed very much but basically they reside in a host and then the host and Reflector sort of “reflect” each other, that is, bring out hidden qualities of each other through their intertwinedness. They’re basically a carryover from my dropped (and in-reboot) Tyrian project, where they were inspired by the shadows in Blue Dragon Ral Grad* (which in turn first appeared in Blue Dragon).

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The super funny thing about the Stablehand world is that basically nobody has a standing military, many places have militias of sorts in case some weird circumstance requires them but nearly nowhere is there a flat-out army

…Except Hinotoria the purported country of peace which has this huge-ass military, they’re like, ‘it’s not the military, it’s the Flame Guard, they are a national guard with a legitimate peacetime purpose and we would most certainly never use them for coercion‘

No evidence can be found anywhere that they have, but this is the same country that proudly claims to have publicly burned an infamous leaker to death. So.

So today I was thinking about Usmana, the destroyed “Spanish lion kingdom”, and how I was kind of turning aspects of it into my SF tribute by playing with what exactly ‘martial art’ means, and what I can do with a lion character in Stablehand what with lions being This Whole Thing in the worldbuilding. I’ll post about that later.

What that got me thinking about is what kind of weaponry Aluma uses in general.

I think that generally, people don’t really use firearms a lot. They’re a thing, but they’re considered kind of primitive since cirque can often be so effective against them.

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For Kris there was a scene I’d always had in my head that I now realise should be a bit different

Kris quotes a bunch of facts about Fuchsia the Superpower and Kate is like how do you know all that, so Kris (after pulling it out of her flow-merge watch) holds up the first volume of a “historical fiction” comic about her, of which there are like 8 kinda thick volumes

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Socialist narratives and the Freighter archetype

So, three days ago, I was just trying to look up the usage of the phrase “means of production” for a silly joke.

In Asekai, my current monstergame concept, I had a creature named Mass (as in “the Masses”) which could evolve into either a “Wisdom Jack“, a “Grace Loxodont“, or two neutral forms, one being the “Polar Owl“. The joke is, many creatures in monstergames are “mythical creatures”, so Mass’s evos were “mythical creatures” as conceived by American political parties’ stereotypes about the opposite party: a liberal with big-picture wisdom,

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I’m liking the idea that Baihu, just as in DCS, has kind of this vague cowboy theme, but also as in DCS he never rode a horse and instead it was some kind of archosaur like a bird or a basal dragon (in DCS I was gonna have him and others riding ostriches as a reference to chocobos and Joust, where Baihu says something like ‘every self-respecting video game hero has to know how to ride an ostrich’. I’m paraphrasing that cause I don’t remember, it was probably worded better than that. :p)

Anyway like, Jinfeng’s grandpa was a legit Antecedent with some riding skills, who knows what his story was but he’s somebody cool. And Jinfeng kinda takes it for granted, although they live on a small farm and it’s possible they have things to herd. Jinfeng and her cat do a number of the smaller tasks though, the cat might actually do the herding as it’s a domestic “pard” and it’s basically dog sized. Can regular cats herd things? I’ve never heard of that.

…..Holy crap

I was looking through my old lyrics doc from before my hard drive crash and I noted this lyric in there

As the Great Bird’s great wings burn
For of ash we rose and of ash we stand
And to ash we will return

I think. I think The Scorched might actually happen in a timeline where Hinotoria itself gets destroyed D:

Jinfeng doesn’t die though. Jinfeng is the new hope

Random thoughts today

  • I bet Spiritissima can probably weaponise Soul into a gun that blows up Eterea
  • Gents come from Vvaghras really and just got established in the Capital, but now they’re very much a Hinotorian thing
  • Insulators have two shields, their face shield and their chest shield and maybe while the chest shield can defend against physical blows the face shield can defend against mental stress which could be dispelled by Verity, e.g. if somebody is trying to use a Compulsion thing on you they can put their face shield in front of you or if you’re anxious for irrational reasons and an Insulator touches their face shield to you it will have a calming effect

The War, explained??

I may finally have an explanation for “The War”. maybe.

So Graznar is a Soulless, which is the opposite of a Soulful (recently I realised that’s not quite true and I explain that further down this post, but that’s not important right now). He has his HQ in Corazón, formerly the Heartland—home of the Soulful.

Now, I realised, Corazón is a weird name for that place to have.

Thing is, it’s kinda weird it would be named in Spanish, cause I don’t know of anywhere in Aluma that speaks Spanish. Grævonia speaks basically-English.

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The truth about Xzhyrxiel and Zxelhziar?

I’ve been thinking about why Xzhyrxiel and Zxelhziar are reversed and have the opposite markings on their bodies and the opposite iconography to what their attune is

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