Random thoughts today

  • I bet Spiritissima can probably weaponise Soul into a gun that blows up Eterea
  • Gents come from Vvaghras really and just got established in the Capital, but now they’re very much a Hinotorian thing
  • Insulators have two shields, their face shield and their chest shield and maybe while the chest shield can defend against physical blows the face shield can defend against mental stress which could be dispelled by Verity, e.g. if somebody is trying to use a Compulsion thing on you they can put their face shield in front of you or if you’re anxious for irrational reasons and an Insulator touches their face shield to you it will have a calming effect

Gent archetype

As of today DTP’s Sigmund Wren form actually has an archetype name: Gent.

Gents are, literally speaking, gentlemen (though of any gender). In terms of the actual archetype, they are disciplined and solid with experience to the point of seeming a little imposing, and are really good at knowing exactly what they need to do to ‘succeed strategically’ at a given situation. Gents are like, those people who are scary good at predicting exactly what you’re gonna do before you even know it and hold this at their sides as a weapon against you.

But they’re also, well, gents, and would generally not use this power for evil. They can be a bit underhanded, bending rules to achieve their own aims cause when you’re smart you just get free morality passes like that, but they have no desire to exploit people just to see them exploited or to selfishly get ahead. Their overall aim is to do good (though they first of all aim to do good for their “gentry group”, whatever special privileged circle that may be, before doing good for everyone else), and every underhanded shortcut they take in secret is meant to lead to the best possible outcome for everyone.