So I actually just had a kind of brilliant idea for Kate

I was taking a shower today and kind of idly thinking about what I would do later, and I remembered the little “game” I made up one day of writing 200 word short stories about random drawings.

That made me think of another post I made about a similar “game” that never got acted on:

Art chain game where everyone assumes the previous picture is the cartoon stylised version of the character/creature and tries to create a “realistic” version (with a limited amount of time/detail so all the pictures stay at about the same level of stylisation and none of them goes way out of hand)


Suddenly it kind of dawned on me that one of my major life-changing realisations was that “realism”

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Fractality and Aiyalam

So today I was just kind of idly thinking about Arkturuse and their song for some reason, sort of singing it while slightly thinking about how I’d improve it when the time came to redo it from lazily putting music to too many words into being an actual song more suiting of my prog rock type sensibilities

And that kinda made me briefly think about Stolen Heart and Aiyalam’s songs (which were incidentally in a similar state)

And then I just kinda on the spot started making up a NEW song for Aiyalam.

That kinda got me thinking about how my thoughts on the Synthesis attribute have changed very recently and how perhaps,

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Yeah probably, Yanha is the Esteem character if anyone.

I’d blocked on the fact that I gave it Fantasy-coloured markings because of its whole impossible-dream idea but honestly, it’s the one with this lofty Italian-opera-sounding song about existence and mortality, and also I see it transforming into a number of different shapes in a sort of “elementalist” way (elementalism = philosophy related to Esteem, of using elements like fire and water and electricity and desert and music and constellations and pretty much any suitably simple and distinctive theme you can think of).

I’d been confused about what Thematic-Esteem would be like in the new redone attribute/attitude system of Undirected/Directed vs. Agentic/Thematic I’d been working on, and I guess Yanha is it.