Fandom qualifications masterpost

So every so often, just playing around, I’d assign attributes to characters from popular things (or sometimes less popular) that distinctly weren’t Stablehand, to try to get a better feel for how the attribute system worked.

I made a pretty decent handful of those posts. But they weren’t really collected anywhere. And I realised one day, that’d make it pretty hard to find any of them at a moment’s notice if anybody actually wanted to know what attribute I assigned a character. So, I decided to undertake the task of putting them all in one post by story/series and date (because my view of attributes changes and that might be useful to have).

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A couple old/new tables

I have a couple of mechanics tables I finally finished/updated.

Synth Train
Unity Fusion Halcyon
Mach Movement Waltz Shade
Fant Origin Trance Scheme Muse
Verity Insight Vision Grade Design Quest
Faith Venture Support Barrage Dream Hero Flight
Esteem Vibrance Rise Glide Ideal Truth Affect Stride
Will Rift Base Command Ambition Values Vanguard Style Force
Synth Unity Mach Fant Verity Faith Esteem Will
Italicised ones are tentative.

I went and gave all the (positive) prototypes names so I’d have names for them, because I was frustrated today that Esteem + Verity didn’t have a name yet. The table ended up looking oddly like a collection of inspirational fridge magnets.

Agency Environment ??? Attribute
Agentic Envira A Esteem
Agentic Envira B Faith
Agentic Technica A Will
Agentic Technica B Verity
Thematic Envira A Fantasy
Thematic Envira B Unity
Thematic Technica A Synthesis
Thematic Technica B Mach

I revisited the old table way back from the beginning of the project where I first created the Directed attributes, and replaced the old “attunes” (“deliberative/dynamic”, “magical/practical”, “selfish/selfless”) with what they’ve evolved into by now. Agentic/Thematic and Technica/Envira are way more defined than their old counterparts respectively even though they’re basically the same thing, but the third one like… never really meant anything, so by now I’m replacing it with a totally new one reverse-engineered from how what I have naturally groups. I haven’t named it or its values yet, so they’re just A and B for the moment (its tentative name is Vibrance).

Edit 07/08/2015: I’ve decided that the third attune is probably Chroma.

Agency Environment Chroma Attribute
Agentic Envira Xai Esteem
Agentic Envira Zed Faith
Agentic Technica Xai Will
Agentic Technica Zed Verity
Thematic Envira Xai Fantasy
Thematic Envira Zed Unity
Thematic Technica Xai Synthesis
Thematic Technica Zed Mach

Attributes as RPG stats

S: Experience curve

U: HP recovery rate

M: Speed/Actions per turn

Fn: Magic attack (cirque attack)

V: Perception/Intelligence

Ft: Attack

Es: Magic defence (cirque defence)

W: Defence


  • Unity obviously has a connection to inner strength and healing.
  • Machination depends on being able to act fast.
  • Typically I imagine Fantasy’s combat strategy as involving grand, outlandish cirque techniques.
  • Verity is pretty much perception. It has extra stuff like being able to cut through unreality but that’s the basis. It’s also about wisdom.
  • Faith is pretty much like Pokémon etc. that have high attack and speed but can’t take a hit.
  • Esteem is largely based on handling things with finesse, and also associated with “elementalism”, a finely-tuned way of using cirque. I realised that probably, it would be the best at handling a wide variety of cirque techniques “the proper way” when any other attribute save maybe Machination would be scrambling around.
  • Will, though I usually associate it with bruteforce strategies is actually more about not being able to be stopped than just overpowering your opponent, making it something of a tank type.

Synthesis was hard to think of one for and I don’t think it quite fits. Synthesis relies on… being resourceful (inventory space?), and being able to quickly evolve your abilities in a constructive way, hence experience curve. Also on having “distinctive style”, but first what does that mean and second there’s never been a stat for that.

Machination: Trust me on this, and everything will turn out perfectly.

Clarity: Trust me on this, and… well I can’t guarantee everything will turn out perfectly, but! Let’s give it out best shot anyway! (I honestly have no clue what I’m doing. This is kind of scary.)

Fantasy: Wouldn’t it be awesome if…?

Portent: Wouldn’t it be terrible if…?

Synthesis: Eh, I don’t really take sides. But look, see how all these things fit together.

Incongruity: Sides?

Full entry

Attribute numbers and abbreviations

0. S/Synth: Synthesis

1. U: Unity

2. M/Mach: Machination

3. Fn/Fant: Fantasy

4. V/Verit: Verity

5. Ft: Faith

6. Es: Esteem

7. W: Will

8. T/Total: Totality

0. N/Noth: Nothing

1. Et/Etern: Eternity

2. Fr/Frust: Frustration

3. Cl/Clar: Clarity

4. P/Port: Portent

5. Cp/Cpuls: Compulsion

6. D/Desol: Desolation

7. R: Ruin

8. I/Incong: Incongruity

I realised when I was working on my *shh! super-secret thing!* today that the “main” colours I’d arbitrarily picked out of the colour palettes I’d made for each attribute wouldn’t work for the thing I was doing because the ones for the Undirected attributes were just too dark to be distinguishable from each other, especially when crammed into small spaces. So… I went back to the colour palettes and picked some of the lighter colours instead.

To make a long story short, this is my latest answer to “what colour is X attribute?”.

31/10/14 edit:

Updated colour thingy with “Ft” not misspelled, and Clarity. And a couple colours fixed.

Attributes the way I actually apply them

Machination: the admirably adept attribute

Fantasy: the cloud/sky attribute

Synthesis: the clockwork attribute

Unity: the Taijitu attribute

Esteem: the bishounen attribute

Will: the myopic jerk attribute

Faith: the superhero/SJW attribute

Verity: the extremely sensible but also stubborn and nearly empathy-less attribute

Duplicity: the attribute I never actually use

Portent: the grimdark attribute

Incongruity: the completely cuckoo attribute/the nightblogging attribute/the cartoon villain attribute/the “is this person actually out of their mind or are they playing mind games with me” attribute

Eternity: the “I’ve forgotten how to solve problems, come save me” attribute

Ruin: the “who cares” attribute

Frustration: the other attribute I never use

Desolation: about the way it’s supposed to be

Totality: the attribute that’s kinda too complicated to mess with ever

Nothing: the attribute of death and emptiness and total and utter despair and the root of all evil (figuratively)

Finally I tried to make some colour palettes for the Destiny attributes!

They’re pretty tentative, especially Esteem (I wanted two of the colours to be “hexart colours” but I need to figure out what those would be first XD) and even when this chart is done these exact hex colours probably won’t be the “de facto” colour used for the attributes all the time because I like to change things up sometimes.

The swan thing I coloured with each of the palettes was just a really ad hoc thing I drew specifically for that purpose; I don’t plan to actually use it in Stablehand but if you really like it for some weird reason it’s under the same licence.