Something I’d been wondering about for a while is assuming DTP is an aetherboss (I’d never been sure whether he was or not) where did his female form go

I’d been thinking he has a bunch of different guises, maybe 5 of them, each with a distinct furry theme (the aetherbosses are weird about their theme making them look vaguely like furries, actually… SH, Ark, and Aiyalam all have creatures in their themes) that has a different half-mask; a handful of things about DTP were from failed Zacharie [OFF] headcanons so the idea of doing something with multiple masks and forms was kind of in the same vein

I realised that perhaps his guise forms could all be the female form collectively, so he has more of a distributed, mysterious identity than the other aetherbosses

But if his guise forms are all female that really makes him like Shade Vanadia. I think DTP really is gonna be not-Shade Vanadia after all…

Misc ideas

  • If Arkturuse is the boss of Affect and largely that means emotion, and Arca is the zetaligned “dark” version of that, she is probably about, like, mood and atmosphere
  • Probably Lance has special significance to Arca
  • What if the bosses were literally just sometimes their male form and sometimes their female form, at basically random (which is the way I started setting up the Markov bot to be without thinking). I dunno how the members would not NOTICE that though? and not be like oh Arkturuse is going to be Arca now everyone can relax,

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That’s an interesting way to solve the problem that actually opens up new possibilities for the universe. The best way to solve a problem.

Ok so, I’d been thinking about the bosses for a bit, and how it was thoroughly weird to have four distinctly male bosses where A. Aluma is so thoroughly feminist from the start and B. they live in the Void where one of the distinct things is gender is not a thing that is known here??

I thought about it for a bit and thought, hmm if I had to do it over maybe I would make them genderless and more abstractium-looking??

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