This dream opened with me walking through this weird… I guess you’d call it a “mall”?

There were a number of small one-room shops, each connected by two doors. One door was the entrance, and one door appeared to be an exit but was actually just connected to another very similar shop.

And for whatever reason, 95% of these shops sold firearms.

You’d expect I could just reason that if each room had exactly one entrance and one exit all I had to do to get out of the building was walk back through the exit doors of each room and not go through an entrance. But of course, this was a dream and my spatial skills weren’t quite working, so there was this constant sense I could never be sure which door was actually which.

It was a little distressing. I didn’t particularly have any reason to be in any of these shops—it wasn’t as if I wanted to buy any of the fancy probably-expensive rifles proudly hanging on each one’s wall—so I really just wanted to bring the whole thing to an end as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, the staff of at least one of these places seemed to have some knowledge of what was going on in their weird building, and were quick to guide lost travelers.

A staff member led me to a door, which I’m not sure was a regular exit door or a hidden third door, leading to a passage that finally seemed less inside the building. It was somewhat dimly-lit and colder with concrete walls and floor, almost like some kind of garage or storage room, though there weren’t very many things stored in it. Possibly a couple boxes, a filing cabinet, and a few sticky notes on the wall.

Somebody, probably the same staff member, was standing at the corner of the passage (it was like a room with a divider in the centre so it had kind of a U shape) and casually told me

If you need to get out, use Kakuna’s “Escape”

[Kakuna’s gen 1 sprite displayed in a frame exactly like the original gen 1 pokémon games would show you a starter pokémon, etc]

It didn’t seem like this was actually relevant though, because I could easily just walk to the other end of the passage where there were about three open doorways leading elsewhere. The one I walked into promised through its vibe and a succinct sign above it to explain about the mysteries of pokémon evolution.

When I actually walked in there it seemed to be just some random school, where interesting things might have been going on but overall probably didn’t hold very many answers to the deeper mysteries of anything.

Still, I reasoned that if it was anything like my college maybe I could casually slip into one of the rooms and see if they were discussing anything interesting.

And surprisingly, not only was I literally right about this being a college room despite the overall building not really looking like one, but they were discussing the biology of a very strange animal.

These are whales – because everybody knows that dolphins are just toothed whales

This “toothed whale” was about the size of a dolphin but with more of the shape of a seal, including a vaguely similar head and two front flippers probably a little more “usable” than a dolphin’s though maybe not as defined as a seal’s.

The male was made of a mesh of wireframe green pipes with seemingly nothing inside and the female was something like a giant sea angel, made of this whitish rather opaque gel looking stuff with a single clear glowing sphere in its head. Also, the female seemed to be a bit larger.

The professor opened up from the powerpoint presentation this video of a Disney short about them
(literally, the animation style was extremely fluid and the way characters express things was exactly what you’d expect from Disney)

The wireframe male finds a female in a lake, then with the male kind of…. holding the female in his arms and looking down into her eyes? though they barely have arms and neither of them have a face. They go underwater for a few seconds. Then they emerge from the water, the female showing the kind of very prominent spherical baby bulge not even a human would have so it’s amply clear what it is.

Then…. in the typical kind of exaggeration/anthropomorphisation of old cartoons the male tries to flood the female with kisses, but it turns out the spherical head organ actually generates electricity and every time he receives a strong shock.

I think they were trying to imply the male dies after mating but didn’t want to go all the way with it.