Alas Baitre, we barely knew ye

Today I had a dream that I was in this weird little shop.

Originally it was supposed to be this kind of “mystical items for pseudoscience” type thing—they had crystal balls and incense and such—but then for whatever reason a ton of people had mistook it for a thrift shop and tried to sell their old junk there, and after a while they’d just been like, yeah, okay, we’ll take all of it. At this point, a full 60% of their stock on the shelves lining two of the four walls from top to bottom was just random shit people had brought in

And the funniest part of this is that most recently, for some reason, everyone had collectively decided to bring in megaman shit. ????? It wasn’t even as if people had seen others doing the same so this was where everyone went, it was just a really big coincidence because people were apparently doing this in small amounts everywhere, and this one place just happened to get slapped with an unusually high concentration of it. (Which is especially funny when it was mostly the same three things)

Fortunately the shop seemed to be taking it very well, and just had this attitude of “hey did you know there’s a new game out? yeah, yep, we totally planned this to line up with that (we didn’t)“.

On the third wall with the entrance, they had one of the games going on a big flat TV screen, and in probably the single most realistic part of this dream, the person standing there trying to play it was awful at it. They died like three times in a row.

I heard a comment like “oh god, that’s megaman 7 for you” and had a good laugh knowing that was pretty much everyone’s opinion of this game. (Specifically everyone’s opinion in the world of this dream.)

There were a few odd things about this game. First, it obviously wasn’t the game they said it was—it looked more like an 8-bit game than a 16-bit one (though it would quickly change to beautiful 16-bit graphics in the next scene because dreams hate being consistent). Second… it had a rather inaccurate but extremely interesting plot about Bass where we learned his Shocking Backstory.

There was a scene with Bass just kind of standing there at the start of this stage, which had these sort of pale blue-violet tinted colours and barren rocky land with dead trees. He did this gesture of clenching a fist up toward his face and looking up toward the sky, and really surprisingly, actually had a short voice line. (Which it seemed had been left untouched from the original Japanese version because it was the only one or one of very few and they didn’t think it was worth re-recording.)


This, supposedly, was the name of a friend who had died. They were one of two similar robots, the dream later claiming their full names were something like “bailetrod” and “balenod”. (I halfway forgot what the second one actually was but I think it ended with “nod”.) And these two were like, supposed to be on Wily’s side but at some point he did something very negligent that accidentally destroyed them. (i.e., he wasn’t really trying to do this on purpose, but once it’d happened, hell if he cared.)

Bass didn’t actually even know them that well I think, he was just incredibly shook by how quickly they could be wiped from existence and have nobody remember them or care about it. Basically they were suggesting that (although he’d still not necessarily be a nice guy without it) one of the reasons he acted all snappy and malicious later is that he had fuckin’ PTSD :p
he’s just constantly on highest alert you-won’t-take-me-alive-or-I’ll-take-you-down-with-me mode about even the most harmless things, perhaps even especially the harmless things cause when nobody believes you that rock megaman is going to invalidate the hell out of you basically to the point of further trauma for not being able to trust people & Play Nice™ and deserves a quick punch to the face before he can even start, you only feel worse

The icing on the cake here was that his voice in this was so… small. It was like, soft in a way and not super high pitched, but definitely a tad bit high for somebody called Bass in a translation. :p (I swear my mind was drawing on an existing voice from some anime type thing but I have absolutely no idea what.) But anyway… he sounded like a literal child who was absolutely unprepared for what had happened.

Interestingly, this game seemed to have a dynamic more like Megaman X than classic megaman. The stage Bass did his seconds-long opening animation on was actually a separate opening stage for him, and it seemed like you could switch between Mega Man and Bass for subsequent stages. (I suspect they pretty much had independent stories, though in all likelihood they’d probably meet up eventually.)

I honestly wish the actual Bass was this interesting, cause while it’s not perfect… I kind of like this version??
Everyone wants to help blues protoman no matter how badly he might behave but nobody’s going to want to help this guy and I feel really bad for him.