Venice is in Asia

In this dream, we were in an alternate version of the world where a different guy had “figured out the physics of time” than the one who did in this world.

But my cousin, and possibly a lot of people, thought he was really overrated.

He got his ideas from a dream where there were a bunch of anthropomorphic animals at a pool! And it was like, as long as you didn’t say a certain phrase your entire life, you wouldn’t age.

‘Venice is in Asia’. That was the phrase.

Basically, it was kind of like KekulĂ© and the benzene snake, except the initial dream was way more elaborate, and after that he wrote it down as some kind of grand Thought Experiment Fable where he expanded on it to give it more of a story. And then… actually pulled some kind of physics hypothesis out of it, even though it sounds more like a philosophy treatise?

I tried to get my cousin to tell me more details, taking a big floating leap through the big public pool we also coincidentally happened to be at, where for whatever reason you could just kind of glide through the water without actually getting wet. Yet despite how slowly she was walking it wasn’t easy to catch up to her.

“So you really just have to not say the certain magic phrase?” I asked, as if avoiding the phrase might also have benefits for me.

In another area, my cousin turned to face me, holding up a handful of about 4-5 music CDs with album names related to the physics fable dream.

“You can have these if you want,” she said. Her words had a note of tiredness, as if implying she was utterly done with her Physics Fable Guy phase now and that was why I could take them.

I never did get to learn more about the scientist, fable, or dream.