I had a dream that I was at what was supposed to be a library but I had it in my mind it was a bookstore so I was like “nah I can’t bring back this book it’s too expensive”

Then I realised it was a library and was like “well I still can’t bring back this book because it’s too long and I’ll never finish it”
so I made the decision to just take a photo of the book and come back later when I thought I could finish it

It had an interesting title that was like “[X], [Y], and a poor Hipponaut”.

It was a fantasy thing that had this old map all across its cover in a faint colour, to imply this was some kind of really interesting world with wild magical physics and shit that was going to be explored, and there was like this stormy sea with somebody flying on a half-silhouetted griffin type creature, possibly a hippogriff, though this was only one of the party members.

However the entire back of the book had just a big mess of text going over it I could only compare to the bottom of a movie poster. I think some of the stuff in there was the typical reviewer quotes and maybe a web site but the about second thing from the top was this weird disclaimer that “THIS COVER IS THE PROPERTY OF [AUTHOR]. DO NOT UPLOAD IT” which baffled the hell out of me (“upload” seemed to simply mean “scan in the cover and post it anywhere without any other part of the book”, which you’d think would already be happening on any site that sold books). This wasn’t the main reason I put the book back but definitely did make me feel a little weird.

From here as I was attempting to leave the library the dream just kept making up new things I’d picked up but hadn’t put back before I left and had therefore stolen and I was trying to take them back but also being urged to leave because it was time to “go back to class” and it was just a big mess