There was a Slackwyrm comic where the dragon was really small and riding on the head of a giant dragon and they were discussing how they were glad something awful happened to someone

But then at the bottom of the page there were just two slightly off-model garfields, one of them very frizzy with crazy eyes, which said “I’m pretty certain we’re dead”

Because apparently, this was revealing some kind of rule that if you died, all the people you talked to in the afterlife were illusions, and this could be really well illustrated by having everyone turn into garfields

Then there was another dream segment where somebody was in a room and they found a big white dog (big by dog standards) that had a general shape like a husky or something but had a very robust body especially at the shoulders, and was carrying a wide-bladed sword in a sheath across its side. This dog was supposed to be somebody viewed through the lens of a dog’s afterlife but it was never explained who either of them were.