weirdly good embodiment of lance’s attitude as he steps out into the New Era of retrolark, its weird sense of “guys this is the dawn, though things are rad already”

A big core concept for lance I guess is that he is really really hopeful about the world he lives in

it’s a cool world, there must be dragons and weird anime shit out there right? anything can ahppen it’s the not-80s

And it’s interesting cause any number of things are trying their best to weigh him down (his mother is an edgelord who brought all this ruin and chaos, he lives in Grævonia aka a sorta moody gloomy place) but all in all he is hopeful and not easily drawn in by any of it

(it can happen, of course……. but if everything goes right, he can maintain his hope in this strange and new world. which is a biggish theme of RFS/stablehand overall – the weird dawn feeling of the retrolark era is one we can believe in)

Lance = “”mascot”” of stablehand
lance’s attitude = The Retrolark Mood

lance’s attitude and dreams = sort of setting the stage for all the other stories basically, and what RFS/stablehand “is about” or “the basic premise shit you’re supposed to remember if you forget everything else”

I keep redoing what lance is about but

Lance’s Thing as a character may actually be #Aesthetic

  • he’s kinda cool and respectable just by virtue of being Moods so well
  • soft and understated in a way?? even as he takes Moods up to 10 his personal reflection of dark clouds or fjords or whatever is still soft. it’s kind of funny.
  • he likes the opportunity to be a part of something that’s What A Concept, like Hexestrianism or technotranscendence
  • when he makes an archetype he makes the hell out of an archetype. think of how overboard japanese mmo designs go, that’s the kind of bullshit he does

this itself might technically be called elementalism??? even though elementalism is supposed to be a cirque thing where you actually Use your moods and focus them into techniques… reflecting moods this well could be a lesser form of elementalism

attribute wise, it’s like he’s almost a textbook Esteemed (AEX) except that he’s Technica instead of Envira so it makes him Will (ATX) by technicality

(his Mood thing sounds very Thematic but actually he has a very Agentic attitude toward things, he is going to stick his nose into the entire world to find opportunities. The Mood thing does get him Xai though)

he could legit get an archetype that’s a damn bdrg tribute :p
(Cromari I guess, cause that’s what they were made for :p)

In early concepts Lance was Will for the sake of having a bruteforce character, and could not do cirque beyond not-actually-magic techniques that were just called cirque for hilarity and format’s sake

the idea of a character that can’t actually do cirque is still hilarious but I don’t know if this new lance would have that constraint. he seems really, really attuned to Void in a way that would allow him to pick stuff up really well eventually

of course it’s still possible that like……

he doesn’t get many abilities early on cause he’s too busy being Mood to get any real Attacks or shit

and doesn’t realise that all the (many!) things he can do are actually lesser Void abilities cause as far as he can tell he can’t do any Useful cirque. I can’t do any cirque what’s wrong with me