Sforza Pierce, investigator at law

Today I dreamed I was in some sort of gas-station-like area, though I don’t know really know why. I think it was a case of “I’ve done everything in this area, and need to make it to the next one to continue on my quest”.

But in order to continue on my journey, I had to use these small buses that came around near the gas station every two minutes or something, but only stopped for about five seconds. It was old-platforming-game levels of frustrating. (I probably had this dream because I’d been playing one recently, and dealing with university buses that were on a time scale about 4 times that)

it was basically impossible to catch these buses just by running over to them from any reasonable waiting place, particularly when there were often other small trucks that were randomly driving in front of them.

So, I ended up doing what any sensible parkour-bus-catcher would do:
I just kinda barrelled through one open window of the truck, over the driver, and through the other.

Unfortunately, this action was illegal, and the driver was an undercover police officer.

The dream cut straight through learning this fact and anything else that may have happened, to a scene of me simply ending up set up with this… guy.

He was supposedly employed by the local government, or the interrupting truck company, or something like that. But he was this weird sort of lawyer-detective, who unlike the people who employed him had complete faith in people and was determined to exonerate me by sifting through all the evidence and the circumstances. He had a suit that was like dark desaturated burgundy (maybe really dark starry-sky blue), and a weird design that may have had a pointy white jabot and a weirdly thin waist and these raised gold lines around the side or something like that. (He looked kinda like a human version of a kingfisher-coloured heron?) There was definitely kind of an Ace Attorney type thing going on.

I really tried to remember his name when he said it, but didn’t quite get it. I know it was “s(normal word starting with f) pierce”; I want to say it was Sforza Pierce. (That sounds like somebody tried to make Bass into a pony, but whatever.)

As he was going through the amusingly short sequence of events scouring them for absolutely anything he could find I remember him saying:

And you did not for a moment think this could be illegal?

I don’t think there was much more to the dream but I do remember a part where I got bored and wandered off to another part of the building where there was a weirdly glassy vending machine filled with glass bottles where everything was almost like a very dull neon light that I got two bottled drinks out of, and Pierce got really mad at me for doing something else and told me to ‘put those back’.

How about no. I thought you were on my side, man.