Bug 000015 notes

Jan 17 2015 1:21

I have this really weird urge to write a fanfic inspired by the glitchy and bad Sonic games where their entire world is revealed to literally be a series of little glitches that all add up to explain the current state of affairs of the world basically being one giant glitch

And like the characters realise that their world isn’t meant to be and what they thought were cool personas they were affecting (the way you kinda do when you’re a teenager) is just bad two-dimensional writing they let permeate them not knowing that’s what it was

Of course, it’s not just a game as we know it where they’re self-aware polygons, it’s like a real world that has huge game glitches but is also really coherent and consistent and real inside its virtual environment to the point it can repair itself over glitches to create something that isn’t quite as it was before the glitches happened, but as internally consistent, at least. Like, for instance, a fox with two tails.

I’m thinking the story is that the real world was overcome by Not-Eggman and Sonic and stuff didn’t exist but like, some existing advanced virtual world people were working on for whatever reason started getting glitches in it and the programmers were just like ‘um these are glitches, no way we could have put them in here intentionally’ while secretly using that as an opportunity to deliberately glitch the program and adopt these glitches to tell a story because Not-Eggman couldn’t censor their speech for something they were doing accidentally. Eventually the world being full of glitches helps the project fall off the radar because it just starts to seem totally non-functional to any outsider, and really un-obvious that people are putting together this subversive story with it behind the scenes. Nevertheless, they put all kinds of bad characterisation/plotting in it to make it really clear that it isn’t supposed to be a threat.

Basically the people kind of sit and wait for the virtual glitch world to mature on its own (so, again, they can’t be caught and held responsible), and maybe save them, or at least become a new reality to supplant their own while it goes down in flames, the way one hopes one’s children will have it better than they did. Sonic et al. don’t know this at first, but slowly learn this as they discover how glitchy their world is and how bad their “story” is.

Hmmm the only issue is like where to go with the story from there because it’s a pretty good conflict to have Sonic realise he was basically born to save everyone but then also realise because he isn’t real he can’t do that and just be like heartbroken but so wanting to find a way in spite of everything and just like we have to keep trying we can’t give up no matter what

It’s hard though to think of a way he could actually succeed that doesn’t seem cheesy or break the gimmick right now (i.e., the glitch world is real in its own sense but fundamentally intangible)

Hmm, maybe they can like find the glitch to end all glitches thinking they can start glitching real reality but instead it like shuts off the servers and kills them (no :p) the people are like guys what are you doing you almost gave us a heart attack

I guess the people could covertly connect the glitch world into some of Not-Eggman’s main computers so they could go break basically all his equipment that had any remote control element to it or I suppose make the power go wacky and break stuff that way, that would work well enough

After he stopped Not-Eggman though I can only imagine people would want to like praise his team and hang out with them in the virtual world and stuff but when people came more to their senses they’d probably be like wait these guys are basically really nasty malware we kind of really need to at least quarantine them if not delete their entire world

And I don’t even know how that would be resolved in the end

Wow, this sure is an idea

Jan 19 2015 23:35

I’ve finally thought of a title for my Sonic AU fanfic:

Bug 000015: Glitch gains sentience, becomes hero

Jan 20 2015 0:20

Ok so I decided the other day the villain would be called “Mekhan”, and he’d be fairly unlike Eggman except for also coincidentally wielding an army of robots (dumb nonsentient robots)

Today, I… typed out this


Jan 20 2015 13:05

The chatlog names are the programmers. They’re kinda the ones telling the story, through their chatlogs and bug reports, until Sonic et al. become established and then there’s some parts from their POV mixed in too.

You’re sorta not supposed to know who the programmers are as people; the whole idea is that in the era of Mekhan everyone is really paranoid so they deliberately picked generic/meaningless-sounding usernames to be less identifiable. 3XSkyblue2060 is supposed to look like one of those crappy “random characters and birth year because the username was taken” names (her birth year is 2060); Dvorak/AoeuiFGCR I was going to call Qwertyuiop but thought that was too generic; there’s another one that goes by Justafacelesscoder, etc. 7xTideRed3000 is supposed to be patterned off Sky’s username because they’re close in some way (she wasn’t born in 3000, the year is 2080 :p). And with Patchguardian the idea was he got that name from being really reliable at supplying patches quickly when the others found bugs.

Jan 20 2015 14:27

The idea is, privacy tools have gotten super good and their chat channel is somehow really hidden. People have been in times like our current one for a long time where everyone is really moving toward encryption and stuff since like today, and so by the time “Supreme Ruler” turns up and gets into power people know pretty damn well how to set up secure communications. Most people don’t dare to DO it, because they know it will make them look suspicious if their communication channel is discovered, but these programmers are a little bit daring. Don’t think I hadn’t thought ahead to realise hey if they even said ‘Supreme Ruler’ or ‘Mekhan’ or any horribly misspelled variant or common euphemism thereof some automatic surveillance mechanism would probably pick it up otherwise. (Supposedly, that’s a thing in the PRC already)

Part of the deal with this story is Mekhan pretty much doesn’t care what anybody says or does as long as he can be totally sure it’s not subversive, and the things he has laid out happen (X gets built, Y happens…). He’s not an idiot who thinks it’s sustainable to totally 100% oppress people; it’s more of a “delude everyone into thinking the current government is perfectly fine and you are free when in reality your freedom ends as soon as you start opposing the government” idea (part of it is that because of the improved privacy tools, he couldn’t micromanage everybody even if he wanted to). It’s also less like he manages every locality closely and more like every government is rebranded with his symbol and he makes them carry out his plans.

I know the most central ideas of the story are stupid (machine army?!?! dystopian future?!?! Sonic’s entire world is a glitch?!? :p), but that’s kinda the point. To make an utterly stupid idea interesting and exciting, inverting the way the badly-made Sonic games made cool enough ideas utterly stupid.

Jan 25 2015 11:44

I just came up with the best idea for Amy in Bug 000015

I was just thinking about how the programming team would look stuff up on the internet in an era where surveillance bots scan everything* for patterns and keywords and I thought, eh, they’d probably have some sort of really souped-up version of the onion router, called, ehhhhh, SuperRose (I was trying to think of something with a lot of layers) and then I thought hey that sounds like… :p

(* Basically, since anybody can get onto SuperRose, Mekhan sends surveillance scripts onto it, but since traffic is secure and anonymised, he can’t get the slightest idea of where anything said on it came from so he has to try to find that other ways.)

Anyway, Amy starts life as a surveillance script looking for the keyword “Sonic hedgehog” when some algorithm goes hey it’s kinda weird this phrase just started popping up a bunch out of nowhere maybe it’s a euphemism for something

And the script of course wanders onto the bug tracker because that’s where the phrase was exploding. But on the bug tracker main page, the programmers have just slapped a link for them to open up Locale, their virtual world, via a client called Infamy.

So, the surveillance script very unknowingly goes off SuperRose into Infamy and ends up in Locale, and one of its registers contains a confused jumble of stuff it last saw–“amy rRose”–which Locale turns into its name when translating it into a glitch creature.

When she’s a creature in Locale, Amy has completely forgotten she was a surveillance bot; all she knows is that “Sonic hedgehog” trips a bunch of alarms in her head, and once she finds out it’s another living being, she has a strange urge not to ever let him leave her sight. She has no idea why, and misattributes it to having a crush on him.

I had a few notes in the odt doc I was writing the plain text in before converting to fancy html too.

Programming team

Each of the programmers has a different Chaos Emerald for their avatar to use, and a text colour based on it.

3XSkyblue2060 – sky blue

  • Female

  • Kind of an emotional and compassionate person

Patchguardian – green

  • He pronouns

  • Reliable patch-fixer, doesn’t say a lot

Dvorak/Aoeui – orange

  • Kinda snarky; amazed that loc when it’s so well programmed can always surprise with weird bugs

  • Really impatient

  • Uses periods at end of sentence to indicate emphasis/longer pause than usual

Robosabsolutelyrule – blue

  • Types in lowercase

  • Very laid back and mature about things

Justafacelesscoder – white

  • Usually uppercase, occasionally lower when typing fast

7xTideRed3000 – red

  • Female

  • Doesn’t use leading apostrophes for “’em”, etc

  • Rather gung-ho, makes weird jokes sometimes

  • Only one who always uses punctuation

  • Her username is supposed to be an attempt to ‘one-up’ Skyblue. “Tide red” was her subtle attempt at edginess, trying to use red tide as an example of something visually striking and just a little bit dangerous

??? – pink

  • ???


  • Was literally formed from Sonic’s shadow

That’s about all for notes, but there’s also the story draft here.