Today I had a dream that was kind of all over the place but almost cool when it started doing that inventing-dream-technologies thing that happens in so many of my dreams.

The dream started with me finding some kind of VHS tape of an old megaman cartoon. I was a teeny bit over-excited about it. I knew that such things had not really been good from what I’d seen of them, and my brother said/gave some vibe to the effect of “haha, you care about missing that old garbage“, but still I was going to put it in.

The tape started with this scene that was apparently set in some kind of enemy base place with these technological-looking walls of some dark bluish metal (basically the kind of walls you draw in a side-scrolling nintendo game that isn’t megaman when it’s an artificial setting and you don’t really know what to draw).

There was some dude that was a exact bootleg copy of X (I think) and also some smaller female reploid that may have been orangeish, and maybe a third character. Somebody, the orange one perhaps, had a silly little dialogue with somebody about who was in charge:

Orange: (some suggestion, but clearly does not know what she’s doing at all)

Robot #2: Are you the commanding officer here?

Orange: Come on, they aren’t here right now so just listen to me, ok

That was all right, but then… somebody called out “hey, Dynamo” and this weird small version of Dynamo who was about Bass-sized but had weird ribbed fins (think Swampert or something) instead of a hat thing walked over.

I was a little shocked at that because what, I didn’t think this show was around long enough to get news of megaman x! Even though……. there was a bootleg X earlier…… that I just didn’t notice I guess. Oops.

Then…. the dream completely failed to keep the show coherent and I was in fact watching it somewhere else now, but anyway, there was this scene in a brick street with snow falling that kind of looked like it was in the UK maybe (but who knows) where a bunch of people were evacuating in one direction from something, toward… a large open desert.

Then very suddenly and kind of dramatically appearing against this backdrop, back turned to the camera and just looking out into the expanse of the snow street/desert, we see… Nash. SFV design Nash, specifically.

The dream was vague in almost a “yeah I don’t care about getting this done but you can have this completely half-hearted attempt I guess” way, but it was sort of like this: There was some kind of zombie apocalypse where instead of actually becoming zombies people were just sorta decaying into a short-lived zombie form and then falling over dead and not causing any more trouble. (So… an ordinary plague.) But Nash……. was already immune to this…… because he was already undead. So he was the only one who could do anything about it. Or something.

Anyway, I was incredibly confused now because ….what? I thought sfv was released in 2015. I mean I guess it makes sense when they’re both Capcom characters, but when the hell was this show even made?

Still, I thought,

If this has both Dynamo and Nash, you’ve got my fucking attention.

About at the time the dream was showing us that Nash was immune to plagues, or whatever was supposed to be going on there, the dream was changing over to this intriguing MS-DOS-ish style where because they had like 8 colours everything was drawn with dithered black and yellow, or sometimes aqua (but at a higher resolution than you’d think, so it was kind of pretty).

At this stage of the dream, I was looking at some kind of weird retro game that somebody was showing off on a laptop. He was basically explaining the engine that it worked with, while showing off a little bit of gameplay and the different things the engine did.

He had a specific word for the genre of game made with this engine but I don’t really remember what it was. It ended in “like”, as in “roguelike”, but there were about three or four words smushed together before “like”. (I don’t remember them at all but making up my own words to describe the game right now I might call it something like “blockybardadventurelike”.)

One thing that came up several times was menus. There was a settings-looking menu with four rounded rectangles of options that may actually have been a status screen, there was some kind of menu where the characters were visiting a pub or something?? (which had like a list of four things you could ask for with an asterisk as a cursor in the upper left quadrant, only the first one being a drink actually, and then several groups of options relating to other stuff you could do at the location), and maybe another. The weird thing about every menu was that it was distinctly cluttered and ugly, with bitmap-font text right next to other bitmap-font text even if there was space to the side. The dev guy said that he had ‘prettied up’ these menus from earlier versions of the engine, which only left me thinking to myself, I can only imagine what the earlier versions looked like. The game didn’t even really run in a text-based mode, you could hover over each of the options with a mouse as if they were more of an html type thing and see them highlighted in lighter greys that weren’t otherwise used.

Outside of the menus though (which obviously weren’t much of a focus), the game had relatively good graphics for the DOS style it was going for. There was a scene where sand was blowing in sludgy chunks like a blizzard across this great expanse of desert, and there was a phrynosomatid-looking lizard person character trying to walk across it (with this rounded-rectangle dragon-quest-ish info box telling you relevant battle stats near the character). As they were trying to move forward, another lizard who was getting blown around in the wind (this was an “animation” of two or three frames) got blown into the foreground where the party was standing and got admitted into the party, making a party of two lizards.

There were several other areas (presumably many) in the game and each was rendered pretty much as beautifully, though sometimes at a lower level of detail for things like streets where cramming in all the features would be ridiculous. It was kind of undirected, not quite open-world exactly but a very nonlinear game where you could go to any area as you pleased and just sort of see things happen, weaving together the “story” yourself from the vague fragments it gave you and maybe pursuing one of three or so not-very-stressed goals as endings. It was a little bit like the computer games directly based on dungeons & dragons but with more graphics and fewer colours (and probably other differences, I didn’t really play them all that much so I don’t know a ton about them).

Honestly I wouldn’t mind this pseudo-DOS engine being real, although I’d probably lose interest from getting lost a lot and I’d definitely like to see them clean up the menus. :p