Asherd’s secret form

Today I actually got an idea for my forum adventure* in a dream. It wasn’t perfect, but very close to usable.

The idea was that Asherd’s ability would be a kind of “pandora’s box”/”Ryugu box” thing where she had an ability but was NEVER to use it

And if she used it it would permanently transform her into her “evil version”.

I don’t know why her “evil version” was a bad thing exactly but I do know that along with Asherd changing form the world would change a bit too to become a bit darker/spookier/more unearthly (and might be even further changed from her point of view with special things the others couldn’t see). It was like she’d lose the abilities she had in her previous form and gain different ones and if she made this transformation too early the rest of the “game” would be “unwinnable”

It’s a very neat mechanic idea, I really like the huge amount of tension it would create over whether to use it or not as well as the sense of mystery (at least for the other characters) around what exactly it would entail as Asherd continued to be secretive about it

It also fits with the gamebook idea very well, especially if (my idea after waking up) I combined it with chronobreaking a la Nassak/Haikma so although using her ability was permanent in-universe the actual reader/player would get more tries

The only problem with it really is that it’s…. lame, haha. Being able to use your ability only once is lame, and having to work in chronobreaking in a linear forum adventure and not a gamebook is a writing headache when I want this to be easy to write.

I definitely might experiment with the idea Asherd has like a secret “demon” form with a vaguely ass-like head (so it’d look a tad more like just a monstrous furry form but yeah :p) other people can’t see unless she permanently transforms into it and “releases” her inner “world” out into the real world, but whether she does that or not she still has the ability to see this secret alternate version of the world while she’s “in demon form” in her mind

* I should give a little background on this I guess, since I don’t have a single page/thread you can look at yet.

This is the “stablehandventure” I currently jokingly call “the nameberry saga” where the idea is just to find interesting names on nameberry and then work with what they sound like

I’m still working on the actual story premise but right now it’s something like, there are four people who sorta have to help each other out to discover what’s up with the weird locale they’re in

So far I have “Rayshard” and “Asherd”, and before the dream this was all I had about them:


“Rashid” variant. presumably said like “reshad”
From: some silvery lake area in the southlands
Cromari archetype, prism + rainbow theme


Pronounced “‘ÆZ ərd”, like hazard without the h
From: Aeterna
I want some combination between donkey herding and hazard symbol
Stablehand or technosoul maybe