Today I had a dream that involved elevators with open doors that could go places elevators don’t normally go. I nearly forgot it when I woke up so I don’t remember a lot of it, sadly.

At first I was just getting on normal elevators that only went up one or two floors though a little bit fast. Then there was one that shot up some 500 floors really fast, through this building that was still building itself before your eyes to catch up to the elevator except the elevator was going way too fast so it just went up into the sky. (The dream switched to this third person overhead perspective as it hit the top though so I didn’t really get to feel the frightening experience of being bolted to the elevator floor… fortunately? It didn’t come back down before the dream went to the next segment either)

Then there was another elevator that decided to run along a cable like a cable car. It went up its building but when the building ran out of floors it just ran up out the building’s oddly broken top along this preexisting cable that had been set up for something elseā€”like the cable wasn’t supposed to connect to the building and the elevator but forget the old nearby wooden pole it was supposed to go around, the elevator was now hijacking the cable car cable for its own purposes in order to go sailing off into the next country

I got off the elevator there, wondering what I was to do, but apparently I had money so I realised that wasn’t so bad, and there was the implication I was sure to find more weird elevators so my journey through wouldn’t be that hard

God. I think I had this dream because of a section in a platformer Let’s Play I was watching where the character was sent up into the air by a big fan, but it also reminds me of the way Stablehand already had something called “lifts”? Which were a teeny bit like this but not as exciting or… elaborated on at all. (All I really had was that they were like cable cars that weren’t attached to any actual cable and just sort of ran through the Aether, in-game they became this convenient excuse for a warp between places, and some of them were old with a couple old-looking controls inside)

I feel like I almost have to pick this straight up and plop it in there as a story about how people have “lifts” for transport because a guy working on elevators figured out they could do insane cirque things with them and then used this innovation to invent the Lift