Today I had a dream that I and a number of “classmates” (from highschoolcollege, of course) were playing baseball but there were no real rules so we were just kinda making things up as we went along.

We had a very small fenced square which was on a boardwalk for some reason (which to be fair was a very wide boardwalk the square was nearly the whole width of), where each of the corners had a base on it and a ton of people, maybe 100, were standing on the water side of the enclosure just watching, along with about 30 people on the land side.

I didn’t have a bat. The “pitcher” was standing opposite me on the second base, just kinda tossing a red plastic ball that wasn’t even a baseball, and sometimes I would catch it and throw it back but other times I would miss, because the ball was only half good at bouncing and hard to predict. After a few rounds of this I realised maybe I should try to run, and ran to second base assuming I could do that if I got there before the ball stopped. Nobody in the huge crowd critiqued me so I guessed it was good.

Then other people started coming to the plate, and the game increasingly started to get more “rules”. When the ball was flying but the person on first base neglected to run, somebody in the crowd snappily reminded me that I couldn’t do that. But shortly after that happened, the bases were being replaced with small palm-sized traffic cones for some reason and they had to put in two more bases before third and home. This was ostensibly to alleviate the crowding on second base where the “pitcher” had to stand in front of the base, but I think the “pitcher” was still standing exactly where she was.