Warning: if you are bad at fire emblem you will turn into Garfield

I had a dream that I… uh… became Garfield
But the weird thing about it was that I had only become Garfield in the future, due to some decision I had made in the past. It was some kind of karmic punishment or something.

I wasted zero time figuring out how to get back to the past and break the Garfield curse, which was apparently accomplished by retreating to the cat bed in the far room and sitting in it. …At least, that’s what I really hoped would work. After a few attempts I figured out how to shrink to a small size along with the bed. Then that undid itself so I had to start all over, but after like three or four more attempts I seemingly succeeded.

When I got “back to the past” and woke up in bed, my grandmother opened the door and was standing in the doorway (which was now much wider than in reality), wearing rubber boots splattered with mud (which was a little weird when normally outside that door is grass and concrete but not much mud). She said something but I don’t remember what it was. I think the conversation went something like this:

Me (to stuffed creature sitting on top of couch bed): I sure am glad we’re back in the past.

Grandma: Oh, you’ll find out if you just go a little further.

This was implying that oh, you thought you were back in the past? Haha, cute, you’ll find out soon enough the situation’s a bit more complicated than that.
My emotional response was somewhere between “I want to burrow deep into the earth and never come out” and “that sounds intriguing”.

Somehow, the room just sort of became a barn where the wide door actually made sense, and I just sort of shifted into walking toward the back of the barn with this small snake sprawled across my arm that looked mostly like a ball python except its scales were subtly varying shades of green. It was moving its head around a little to look at the area, though overall moving slowly because the barn was cold.

We kept walking through the barn and as we did it turned into a vibrant green forest area filled with small moderately spaced conifers. (I guess they were spruces, though they were a more saturated emerald green and the individual shadows of the twigs weren’t very visible. It gave them this kind of stylised christmas-tree appearance.)

It was warm out here so the snake was periscoping and wandering around my arm to get a good look at the scenery. I commented:

That sure is an active snake.

Then the dream shifted to this isometric-grid strategy game thing where I was on a hexagon and two other characters were on hexagons a bit away. I could use the snake to reach into a couple of big plastic buckets many hexagons away, via it just kinda reaching all the way over there to lengths it should’ve been completely impossible for it to stretch. But it did, and was able to get useful items out of those buckets that were just kinda presented floating above its head as these abstract gem things while a message told what they actually were (I didn’t catch what those said though).

Pictured: your new favourite strategy game unit, with a present!

There was also a time where I tried to get the snake to reach somewhere but it was dangerous and the snake died. Thanks to this being an isometric grid game though I was just able to take out something that looked awfully like a fire stone and hold it up while standing on my hexagon to get the snake back.

So… uh… I guess the moral of this story is: don’t make the wrong decisions in fire emblem or you’ll turn into Garfield later?