The Awesome Brotherhood

I was just thinking about how some palaeontology fans refer to intentionally inaccurate dinosaurs as “awesomebro” and then

I just kinda imagined this group of punkish people with terrorlizards stylishly soliciting you to “come join the awesome brotherhood” in the tone you’d say “come to the dark side”

I think that’s kind of a great and amusing name and also concept so I’m kinda thinking about adding it to Stablehand because I know they’d get into so many great shenanigans. The name sounds like some kind of secret society freemasons shit and I imagine people talking about them with a weird amount of respect while in the actual group they are just a bunch of losers who pull weird performance art to see what they can accomplish kinda.

I’m imagining them trying to recruit Kate but Kate really really looking down on them as some kind of savages for being so unserious about life and un-academic and obsessed with stupid things like terrorlizards. That would really hit home with who Kate’s supposed to be, mirroring my own struggles with letting things like terrorlizards and street fighter into my heart.
Eventually maybe Kate can change her mind and join them, without even giving up her thing of having feathered dinosaurs as a design basis because the awesome brotherhood doesn’t really care.

I wonder how they’d fit with Jinfeng, because previously I had her grandpa being a terrorlizard cowhand of some sort who rode them and did some kind of herding with that. The awesome brotherhood I kinda see more as just having the terrorlizards as accessories but probably also riding them places sometimes, basically the same as the Hexestrians with hexarts. (I bet they love to just one or two come riding into a city on their strange mutant dinosaur-ripoffs because of how striking it looks.) I guess probably terrorlizards are just a neutral domestic animal used both by herders as working animals and the awesome brotherhood just for aesthetic, while neither really invented them, they were made by somebody else or may just be a thing that exists like dogs.

Probably their attribute is… Thematic/Envira/Xai… Fantasy? That works.
I need a name for what their archetype is called though, so I can call individual members something. Scale… Raptor… Rex… Saur…

  • Genrexer
  • Rexcelsior (I almost like that. There needs to be a Pok√©mon named that immediately)
  • Saureate (people won’t immediately guess that means golden)
  • Saurora (cool but not quite right)
  • Sauriga (charioteer…?)

I actually like Sauriga. It’s kinda awkward meaningwise but it more or less works, chariots were pulled by creatures you also ride.

…That suggests that there was a time in Stablehand history that there were actually chariots pulled by terrorlizards
That’s a great image and it becomes honestly awesome when there’s a fraternity-like organisation that went straight past Greek letters and named itself after the terrorlizard chariots

Man I guess that’s totally where terrorlizards came from. The not-Romans. Or possibly the already-existing place that speaks not-Greek that was some kind of predecessor to Aeterna, old Greece had chariots too.

God once again I just created something kinda great today by accident