So today I managed to dream in marketing campaigns and Undertale AUs.

The first part of the dream I can remember was me waking up. Only unlike in real life, at the foot of my couch-bed there was a vending machine with about 20 different choices in it. All of them were slightly different off-brand brown diet colas, each of them—probably because it was my vending machine—priced at five cents. I took out a “200 cent” coin reasoning that I should get a lot of change back, but the machine didn’t accept it because it was from the Philippines. (According to my dream, the Philippine 200 cent coin had a large sailing ship with three masts and some kind of kingfisher-sized bird on it.) I somehow got a soda out of the machine anyway.

When I examined the soda a little later (in the bathroom for some reason?) I noticed that it was part of some campaign called “#NotWhatIOrdered”. Apparently, with this product they were trying to take diet sodas in a new direction—before, they’d always tried to imitate regular sodas but now with the #NotWhatIOrdered campaign, these diet sodas were going to be their own thing. They were going to actually work with the strange flavour of artificial sweeteners to create a diet soda with an entirely new taste. So, they would be #NotWhatYouOrdered but better than anything you could have expected.

I tasted the soda (yes, in the bathroom) and could verify that yes, it was definitely something new, but like a lot of sodas of any kind it was a solidly mediocre product.

When I walked out of my room into the living room, I had both this idea for Asekai and this little… discovery waiting for me in the room.

For Asekai, I apparently wanted to have a large bronze bell in one area that your creature could jump up and ring, and that would do something. I have no idea what, but I was weirdly enthusiastic about this and how much of an ‘oh shit’ moment it’d be to see that you could ring a bell. This may have been inspired by SFII?? I don’t really know.

There was also a sketchbook sitting on the couch, which was some kind of magifuture technology that mystically contained concept art of a host of Undertale AUs from the internet. However, Undertale AUs had apparently gone so far off the wall by this point that people were like, making “Undertale AU/clone” into an entire new genre where they would make about four bosses and a final boss all to a theme, and that would be the art meme. The book was open to a page drawn in pink ink labelled “PetTale” (that’s pet as a verb) where the final boss was this weird dog cut off to a point at the middle and maybe at the feet but the points were made of crystal or something. I was completely lost looking at this page going “uh… this is cool… I guess? I have no idea what’s up with this AU. I assume you have to pet this cosmic boss dog but other than that I’m clueless”.

I didn’t really get to see the other bosses but the point dog looked something like this: