I occasionally just kinda think about the fact that in the original Spyro the Dragon series Spyro’s home “world” is divided into like seven realms and each of them has a specific “job” it does. Spyro comes from the Artisan realm, but that was always weird to me because Spyro never really seemed like much of an artist

But then today I suddenly realised

What if Spyro was supposed to be a musician

Think about it. The games are so defined by their musical aesthetic, particularly this one style of slap guitar (?) that’s used in the opening but also in a number of other tracks, and some kind of glockenspiel/bells. Spyro is constantly billed as a bold, snarky kid his progressive rock background music nicely reflects. But also, the soundtracks have many elements of folk music. The instrumentation was chosen to be powerful and meaningful, as if the soundtracks themselves document the vast adventures of Spyro, a sort of modern folktale.

A musician would be quite familiar with the experience of travelling long distances, meeting a lot of new people, and stopping to admire the beauty of remote locales. I’m not a very big commercial music fan, and off the top of my head I can name at least about three albums made purely because somebody visited an amazing place. (Sketches of Spain, anyone?)

I think Spyro-the-Dragon-series-era Spyro, as an adult, would come back to the dragon realms with a universe worth of inspiration and stories and some sort of rad distant-fantasy-aesthetic magical guitar and I think he’d go on a massive tour with his band just celebrating everything that was achieved and the power of music to unify people across worlds, eras, and generations

It just makes a lot of sense to me