Last night I had a dream that… well… can’t really be conveyed well except in the form of a hastily-drawn doodle comic. So here you go.

(I dramatised it a bit, but minus a bit of extra dialogue putting wordless thoughts into words this is pretty much exactly how it went)


So… yeah. I went to spy on the Cube Army and apparently turned into some kind of cube whistleblower uncovering sphere corruption or something.

Things that are apparently true in the world of this dream:

  • Cubes have just enough sentience to move, though you need to put them on conveyor belts to get them anywhere
  • Cubes have a life history
  • Cubes can fly, but only if they have degrees; they can graduate (complete with mortarboard) just by going through a door. Humans still can’t do any of this.
  • Cubes might be ruled over by spheres…? I don’t quite understand it?
  • Just to be clear, the cubes we’re talking about look exactly like the default grey cubes that appear in Blender and probably other 3d programs, and are always the same size. Which I didn’t draw to scale but is probably about 60 cm to a side.